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How do you go from DC to Philadelphia Pennsylvania en route to a campaign rally in Southaven Mississippi, just south of Memphis? Philadelphia is not en route to Mississippi, as can be seen clearly with the red dots added to the map.

It’s unclear what business Trump had in Pennsylvania – it appears campaign related, since the organization he spoke to endorsed a Trump candidate. But, it is even more unclear what business a Mississippi Congressman and two Mississippi Senators have on a trip to Pennsylvania with Trump, before going to Mississippi. Gregg Harper’s not up for election, so what he was doing tagging along at all remains a mystery. Was his legislative assistant, Bubba White (really his name), who interned with Russian-linked BGR group, tagging along too? Roger Wicker, who is up for reelection, came along for the ride, as well. The Southaven Mississippi Rally was supposed to be in support of the Senate Campaign of Cindy Hyde-Smith.

They are all supposed to reimburse the US taxpayer for use of Air Force One, though the required reimbursement apparently doesn’t cover the cost. The RNC or Hyde-Smith campaign should reimburse the taxpayer. But, will they? People need to call them out.

11 CFR Parts 100, 113, 9004, 9034
[Notice 2009–27]
Campaign Travel
AGENCY: Federal Election Commission.
ACTION: Final rules.
SUMMARY: The Federal Election Commission is promulgating new and revised rules implementing the provision of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act governing non- commercial campaign travel on aircraft. These changes restrict, and in some situations prohibit, Federal candidates and certain political committees from expending campaign funds for non- commercial air travel. The rules apply to all Federal candidates, including publicly funded presidential candidates, and other individuals traveling on behalf of candidates, political party committees, and other political committees, where the travel is in connection with Federal elections….
The Commission is implementing this provision of HLOGA by adding new § 113.5 to 11 CFR Part 113, which governs the expenditure of campaign funds by candidates for Federal office and their authorized political committees. In addition, the Commission is promulgating revisions to 11 CFR 100.93, which establishes an exception to the definition of ‘‘contribution” for non-commercial travel aboard aircraft by, or on behalf of, Federal candidates and political committees, if the candidates and political committees reimburse the service providers at specified rates. The revisions to 11 CFR 100.93 apply to campaign travel by, or on behalf of, candidates for Federal office or leadership PACs of House candidates. As discussed below, the rules leave in place the required reimbursement rate structure imposed under the Commission’s 2003 rules for travel by persons on behalf of other political committees, such as the staff of a political party committee, a nonconnected political committee, or a leadership PAC of a Senate or Presidential candidate…
.” Read the entire thing here: http://sers.fec.gov/fosers/showpdf.htm?docid=9965

FACT CHECK: Air Force One, Who Pays?” July 7, 2016 1:12 PM ET
SCOTT HORSLEY https://www.npr.org/2016/07/07/485097272/fact-check-air-force-one-who-pays

This sounds related to campaigning since the Electrical Contractors (NECA) endorsed a Trump Republican over a Democrat: “Trump Boasts of Economic Revival While Speaking to Electrical Contractors in Philadelphia” Published at 1:32 PM EDT on Sep 29, 2018 | Updated at 12:16 AM EDT on Oct 3, 2018, https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Trump-to-Speak-In-Philly-At-Electrical-Contractor-Convention-Tuesday-494698291.html