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Trump is stumpin today in Southaven Mississippi (suburban Memphis, Tennessee) for Cindy Hyde-Smith for Senate. Cindy Hyde-Smith was appointed interim/acting Senator by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. Bryant is known to be connected to Russia through his buddy, Brexit Boy Arron Banks, as well as through Haley Barbour of BGR Group.

Mississippi Governor Bryant (2012-present) served as Lt. Governor (2008-2012) under former Governor Haley Barbour (2004-2012). Prior to that he was the State Auditor from 1996-2008 (let the importance sink in). Barbour is a co-founder of BGR Government Affairs lobbying group. BGR represented Uranium One in the period of the Russian government takeover, while apparently failing to register as a foreign agent (FARA). It has long represented Russia’s Alfa Bank (from 2002 to present), owned by several prominent oligarchs, including German Khan, whose son-in-law was sent to jail for a month in the Mueller investigation.

See more details: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/absurd-brexit-mississippi-trump-russia-connection-promises-of-gold-diamond-uranium-and-data-mining/

As a Republican operative and lobbyist, Haley Barbour might be dubbed Mississippi’s Manafort, though Barbour hasn’t been indicted or convicted of anything – at least not yet. Barbour must be connected to Kavanaugh, since they have both long served as Republican operatives. It’s unclear what this Kavanaugh-Barbour reference is about: https://www.georgewbushlibrary.smu.edu/Research/Digital-Library/-/media/D66C9638A2EF4EA0AC3EB2CC4E9DBDD2.ashx

Hyde-Smith just went down in infamy for abasing herself for Trump Supreme Court pick Kavanaugh, with Wicker support. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/09/28/on-kavanaugh-us-senate-candidates-baria-vs-wicker-espy-vs-hyde-smith-us-senator-jones/

Note that the word text in red was accidentally added when we enlarged the words “uranium one”. Based on the timeline, they are lying about foreign ownership on this form. Uranium One was a Canadian company bought out by Russia in two phases.  They may be trying to claim a loophole since there may already have been a US subsidiary.  And, yeah, we should have known.  The Republicans accuse the Clintons, left and right, of doing what they themselves did.

Interim (Phil Bryant) appointee Cindy Hyde-Smith, acting as US Senator, is running against Mike Espy (D), Tobey Bartee (D), and Chris McDaniel (R) in a free for all election (“Jungle Primary”) in November for one of Mississippi’s seats, in what is supposed to be the US Senate. All but Hyde-Smith have committed to a debate. The other US Senate seat open in Mississippi is Wicker (R) vs. Baria (D).

Not only did Mississippi Governor-Brexit Boy friend, Phil Bryant, attend an all white segregationist “academy” in high school, but he’s an active member of Sons of the Confederacy, even while being governor of the state with the highest percentage of African Americans.

The Confederexit led to the US Civil War, making this Mississippi-UK Brexit connection all the more bizarre, as well as unseemly. Cindy Hyde-Smith almost certainly went to an all white academy, as well, or we would be able to find where she went to high school. She appears to be hiding it.

About Phil Bryant’s buddy Arron Banks:
Though Banks consistently downplayed his contacts with senior Russians before and after the referendum, in recent weeks he has been forced to concede there were a number of meetings – including with Alexander Udod, a diplomat later expelled from the UK for suspected spying.” See: “Arron Banks ‘met Russian officials multiple times before Brexit vote’: Documents seen by Observer suggest multiple meetings between 2015 and 2017“, by Carole Cadwalladr and Peter Jukes, Sat 9 Jun 2018 18.35 EDT https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jun/09/arron-banks-russia-brexit-meeting

Revealed: details of exclusive Russian deal offered to Arron Banks in Brexit run-up: Leaked document lays out for first time deal proposed to Leave.EU backer, sparking new questions over Moscow’s role“, by Luke Harding, Thu 9 Aug 2018 09.30 EDT, Last modified on Fri 10 Aug 2018 07.54 EDT https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/aug/09/revealed-detail-of-exclusive-russian-deal-offered-to-arron-banks-in-brexit-run-up

Leave.EU donor Arron Banks ‘must explain Russia link“, 10 June 2018

NB: We aren’t addressing if Brexit was right or wrong, but simply the strange and unseemly connection between the Brexit Boys, Russia, and Mississippi Republicans. Is this Putin’s sick sense of humor/humour?

Prediction: If the FBI and Mueller are doing their jobs, there will be Mississippi arrests, and they can scoop up David Duke who is nearby in Louisiana, and appears clearly to be part of Russian active measures, for lagniappe, while they are at it. We may find out that David Duke recruited the Mississippians. However, the Mississippi-Russia connection may have started with the poultry industry. But, it could be that the Soviet Union supported the Klan in Mississippi, along with David Duke’s Klan (or were they the same? ), as part of Soviet active measures. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/09/17/trump-putin-lovin-ex-klan-leader-david-duke-stayed-in-russia-while-under-investigation-in-the-us-for-fraud-money-laundering-returned-served-15-mths-in-jail Does Sons of the Confederacy act as a cover for the Klan? So many questions. So few answers.

Yet more interesting information: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1032673067997093888.html

There is a Democrat Rally today in DeSoto County too. Southaven is in DeSoto county. Horn Lake is just to the south of Southaven.

Senate debate on October 4th at Millsaps: https://twitter.com/millsapscollege/status/1040346818712875009