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Seascale_shoreline_-_geograph.org.uk_-_284996.jpgSeascale – New Children’s Play Park and Radioactive Mud

mainMediaSize=0x425_type=image_publish=true_role=1__image.jpgOpening of Seascale Play Park this summer

Last Thursday Dr Chris Busby – one of the few UK scientists challenging the nuclear civil/military industry was falsely arrested and his liberty taken away for 19 hours.   This is extreme.

The Daily Mail reported that “Dr Busby, 73, is said to have his own laboratory at home and supposedly keeps, among other items, samples of radioactive mud taken near the Sellafield nuclear plant in Cumbria.”

Here is the thing.  For some months now we have been tirelessly contacting the Daily Mail and other mainstream media about the radioactive mud we have taken random samples of  near Sellafield and they havnt’ raised a single eye brow.

Now when it suits the narrative the media throw it in to try and add to the smear against Dr Busby.

For radioactive mud the police need…

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