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Reassessment of NRC’s Dollar Per Person-Rem Conversion Factor Policy
Docket ID: NRC-2015-0063Agency: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

This comment deadline, of November 3rd, 11.59 PM, is but the opening salvo of another life and death battle between the nuclear industry and the public, in the war over the people’s health vs the profits of nuclear utilities-nuclear industry. The deadline near All Hallows’, All Saints and All Souls/traditional days of the dead/death of the year, could not be more appropriate. [The comment deadline is over, but there will be more chances to comment in the future.]

The USNRC pretends to be updating its value of statistical life to $9 million to look good, but it’s not really doing it. What they pretend is $9 million is actually $5 million, and perhaps as low as $500,000 (or less). Plus it doesn’t apply for some things, and appears to lack legally binding teeth…

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