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[Update: Note that the comment deadline was extended from May 30th to August 16th.]
As explained in the US Congress on September 2016, by Dr. Weatherwax, Ph.D. in biochemistry: “To date, there are no studies that have been able to establish with sufficient certainty a threshold level of radiation below which a risk of cancer is zero, despite decades of research in this area. In the absence of sufficient data to the contrary, the LNT model continues to be the accepted, albeit conservative, standard on which current radiation worker protection standards are based. Current National and International bodies (National Council on Radiation Protection and. Measurements, NCRP; International Commission on Radiological Protection, (ICRP) continue to recommend the use of the LNT.” http://docs.house.gov/meetings/SY/SY21/20160921/105345/HHRG-114-SY21-Wstate-WeatherwaxS-20160921.pdf

A 2015 multi-country study of nuclear workers showed increased cancer rates at very low doses – a cumulative median average of 4.1 mSv over the course…

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