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Trump-Pence Space Force is apparently just another excuse for transferring more info & tech to Russia: “The United States faces rapidly growing threats to our space capabilities. China and Russia, our strategic competitors, are explicitly pursuing space warfighting capabilities to neutralize U.S. space capabilities during a time of conflict.” (Final Report on Organizational and Management Structure for the National Security Space Components of the Department of Defense, August 9, 2018 https://docs.voanews.eu/en-US/2018/08/09/143dbce3-98f9-498e-9717-e5a1fc84f4a6.pdf )

Mining Awareness +

NASA has already engaged industry partners in gateway concept studies. Roscosmos and other space station partner agencies are preparing to do the same.“.

That’s really punishing Russia for taking Crimea and beating up, arresting and killing journalists; opposition leaders and protestors! Sanctions? What sanctions? It’s bad enough that private companies are using sanctions loopholes but even worse for the US government to do so. This is effectively the Executive (Trump) overriding the will of the legislative branch (US Congress). Notice that NASA is already working on this and Roscosmos is “preparing” – but gee, they won’t have to it seems for the US taxpayer will give it all to them with Trump’s help. Then they can give the technology which surely has military applications to North Korea and everyone will say, oh my, where did North Korea get their technology from? Since its creation, North Korea has been…

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