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The face of treason:

Texas raised Rand Paul is a Russicon-Republican Senator who is supposed to represent the State of Kentucky in what is supposed to be the US Senate. He claims his trip to Russia-meeting with Russian officials was a private group meeting. Yet, he invited Russian lawmakers to meet with other US members of Congress, either in Washington DC or somewhere else. And, he hand delivered a message from Trump to Putin! Anyway, there’s really no such thing as unofficial “private” life or business when one is in government.

A political advisor to Rand Paul’s 2014 campaign and later an advisor to Trump, Richard Burt, lobbied for the New European Pipeline, the old name for Nord Stream 2. He’s still lobbying for Nord Stream 2 through its consortium members. Former East German Stasi agent, friend-associate of Putin (from KGB days in Germany) Matthias Warnig, is Managing Director of Nord Stream 2, as well as Chairman of the Board of Rusal. Rand’s great-grandparents were German immigrants – perhaps who had spent time in the Russian Empire, i.e. Volga Germans or others? https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/08/07/rep-sen-rand-paul-in-russia-with-cato-institute-chief-texas-state-sen-huffines-invites-russians-to-meet-with-other-us-members-of-congress-while-claiming-trip-is-private-rand-paul-advisor-burt-i Paul doesn’t sound like a German surname, but it can be one and, in this case, it is. Rand Paul’s German ancestors possibly arrived in Pennsylvania where he and his father, Ron, were both born. Rand grew up in Texas. But, this isn’t the Pennsylvania “Dutch” (mostly Rhineland-Palatine) Germans, who left Germany in the 1600s and 1700s, from whom this blogger descends. Nope, this is Germans who arrived in the late 1800s, after Germany was a unified country, but possibly Germans who had been living in the Russian Empire. The Ron Paul grandfather (Rand Paul great-grandfather) would be the generation of the German Trump immigrant grandfather. The Trumps appeared up the road from my ancestors in the German Rhineland around the time mine left in the 1600s. The Trumps could have been Swedish prior to that time (see 30 years war), as they used to claim. The Trumps and the Pauls are the post-Civil War favored European peasant immigrants that Martin Luther King complained about shortly before he was assassinated. See starting ca 22 min http://youtu.be/RMLyhshxQc8 The Trumps and Pauls could be kin – there weren’t so many people in the world in those days, and immigrants have always used relatives to get into the country, as Trump’s mother did. While people continue to deny it, immigrants determine the face of the nation for good or bad. In the case of the Trumps and Pauls this is the face of treason.

From VOA News:
US Senator Delivers Trump Letter to Putin
August 08, 2018 10:32 AM Ken Bredemeier
A U.S. senator says he has delivered a letter from President Donald Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin calling for more talks and exchanges between the two countries.

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, a Trump supporter who has been in Moscow in recent days holding discussions with Russian lawmakers, said Wednesday, “I was honored to deliver a letter from President Trump to President Vladimir Putin’s administration.”

In a Twitter remark, Paul said the letter “emphasized the importance of further engagement in various areas including countering terrorism, enhancing legislative dialogue and resuming cultural exchanges.”

Both Trump and Putin have invited each other to their respective capital cities in the aftermath of last month’s Helsinki summit between the two leaders. But no new meeting has been scheduled and the White House said it was delaying a Putin visit to Washington until 2019, by which time it said it expects special counsel Robert Mueller’s criminal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election to be completed.

Trump was widely criticized in the U.S. for his performance at the Helsinki summit as he appeared to embrace Putin’s denial that Russia had interfered in the election, equating the Russian leader’s stance with the U.S. intelligence community’s finding that Russia had sought to help Trump win. In a joint news conference with Trump, Putin said he did want Trump to win because then-candidate Trump had said he wanted to improve U.S.-Russian relations.

Back in Washington, Trump clarified his remarks and has said that Russia interfered, but has continued to call the claim that Russia tried to help him win and Mueller’s investigation “a big hoax.

While inclined to say that doctors should stay out of politics, though there has been at least one good doctor in Congress, he was also a JD (lawyer), it appears that Rand Paul should stay out of doctoring, as well. Maybe he will stay in Russia as a court doctor?

Mood music – Doctor My Eyes (Not)! http://youtu.be/uq9rwBGn-gg Keep Dr. Paul away from American eyes and out of the US Congress! Let’s all learn how to cry instead.

Rand Paul Ophthalmology Certification Scandal: Why it Matters
The eye doctor isn’t properly certified? Dr. Kent Sepkowitz on Paul’s slick end-run around the profession’s licensing rules—and what it tells you about the kind of politician he is.
” By KENT SEPKOWITZ 06.15.10 7:07 AM ET https://www.thedailybeast.com/rand-paul-ophthalmology-certification-scandal-why-it-matters

Dr. Rand Paul: Not All Board Certifications Are Created Equal” By Bob Wachter |  June 24, 2010 https://thehospitalleader.org/dr-rand-paul-not-all-board-certifications-are-created-equal/

As more and more need cataract surgery younger and younger, due to the nuclear age (reactors-weapons), beware of who your doctor is, and of the risks!
Rand Paul has had at least two malpractice suits against him. One was reportedly settled for a pittance. While he appears to have been let off on this one, the patient still lost his eye: “The Randal (Rand) Paul Jury Verdict 2199 – Medical Negligence – Following a cataract surgery, ophthalmologist criticized for failing to timely detect and treat an infection that later resulted in the loss of the eye Brown v. Paul, 01 CI 0937 Plaintiff: Charles D. Greenwell and Nancy J. Schook, Middleton & Reutlinger, Louisville Defense: John David Cole and Frank Hampton Moore, Jr., Cole Moore & Baker, Bowling Green Verdict Defense verdict on liability Circuit: Warren (1), J. Lewis, 6-6-02http://juryverdicts.net/RandPaulJuryVerdict.pdf

Pedigree info via info on his father: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Paul
Specifically Dr. King talks about all that was done for the new European immigrants who came after the Civil War – free land; free colleges, etc. Many were immigrants from the Russian Empire (e.g. Volga Germans) who came once immigration became easier with railroads and steamships and free land. Earlier migrants came by sail boat, often forced, and were only rarely given land. In stark contrast, the slaves were freed but given nothing at all – penniless and with nothing but the clothes on their back. See starting ca 22 min http://youtu.be/RMLyhshxQc8 For whatever reasons, these policies have continued to this day – new immigrants favored over African Americans (and stealing their affirmative action rights), and now favored over multi-generational European, multi-generational Mexican-Americans, and obviously favored over Native Americans (who could want their country back). These policies matter. They allowed the Trumps to build their basic wealth through exploitation of the west. They have apparently allowed Holtec’s Kris Singh get started through “minority” funding and “minority” government set aside contracts, which have morphed into a quasi monopoly of his substandard nuclear waste cans. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/07/26/facts-on-how-holtec-spent-nuclear-fuel-canisters-are-substandard-and-should-not-be-used-parked-or-buried-anywhere-comment-by-july-30th-1159-pm-et People from India are around 18% of the world population. America’s never persecuted India. Americans don’t “owe” people from India anything, whereas they do “owe” African Americans.

These faulty policies have also created a lot of hate and misunderstanding, and facilitated the rise of Trump. They are why affirmative action can’t work. Affirmative action is being given to foreigners, like Kris Singh, rather than those for whom it was meant! If you dare challenge it, you get called a racist by immigrants from India. If people don’t watch out it will soon become illegal to challenge it. Who are the real racists? Clearly it is those who prefer brown or sallow people from India (or even Latin America) over African Americans. It’s a no-brainer. White racists have almost always preferred lighter skin tones (like Obama) to darker ones. Nonetheless, as Haitians say “money lightens”. So, we suspect that many foreigners are more able and willing to bribe. NB: If you want to know what “sallow” is, look at videos-picture of Holtec’s Kris Singh. He wrote the book on it, so to speak. Just saying it before it becomes illegal to do so!