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Doug Kimmelman is a large Trump donor. This case also brings to mind Holtec and its apparent owner, India’s Kris Singh.

Mining Awareness +

The $40 million being given by the US DOE to a US nuclear reactor “start-up” company, X-energy, owned by Iranian Kam Ghaffarian, brings to mind the case of Iranian immigrant Khosrow Semnani and the Envirocare – Clive Radioactive Waste Dump, now owned-managed by former Goldman Sachs Investment Bankers (e.g. David Lockwood, CEO of EnergySolutions; Doug Kimmelman, CEO of EnergyCapital).[a]

In 1996, “Mr. Semnani publicly admitted, in court filings, that he had secretly paid Mr. Anderson hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, gold coins, and a ski resort condominium. These payments were made by Mr. Semnani to Mr. Anderson during the period in which Mr. Anderson was the chief official responsible for issuing the Envirocare license, granting the Envirocare exemption, and allegedly authorizing disposal of DOE waste at the Clive, Utah site.” (WCS v. DOE, 1997)

Clive Nuclear Waste Dump Looks Like A Radioactive Junkyard, just west…

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