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Mining Awareness +

500 years of radioactive waste generated by fusion nuclear reactors is still a very long time to live with deadly radioactive waste! And, fusion waste is said to be even more radioactive than fission waste for the first 50 years. The nuclear industry has not yet found a way to deal safely with the current waste for 50 years and they want us to believe that 500 years is short! It is also a nuclear proliferation risk. The only safe fusion energy is solar energy. Solar energy is the only fusion Holy Grail. It’s been there all along! People just needed to look up and not down!

500 years ago was a long, long time ago:
King Henry VIII was a 23 yr old King of England.

505 years ago King Henry was a new 18 year old King of England.
Henry VIII in 1509 at 18 yrs old
472 years ago King Henry VIII was 51 years…

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