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Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29: 18)

Dear NRC Decision Makers,

The request for public comment is based on the principle that the public is well informed, aware and willing to contribute to the decision making process.

This assumption is wrong. As the impact of RBS impacts millions of people, who are not currently aware, able or sufficiently informed to contribute to this decision making process. Therefore, any and all comments received in this docket must be scaled to represent the total population that would be affected. As noted in the docket summary: “Possible alternatives to the proposed action (license renewal) include no action and reasonable alternative energy sources”.

Any extension of the operating license should be with the aim to wind down, dismantle and convert the existing facility to an alternative source of energy.

For National Security, National Safety and National Strategy, the NRC must take this as a golden opportunity to allow other non-risky energy generation technologies to be given a chance to flourish. The existing infrastructure of any energy production plant can be retrofitted to alternative energies. The NRC cannot keep justifying antiquated technologies from the 1950’s in 2018.

There is simply no excuse to not take this as a National challenge to replace RBS Nuclear with an alternative, renewable such as wind, solar or other. The US has the most powerful and capable universities and student base in the world and remaining with the status quo is a waste of precious talent. The point is that technologies can be invented, solutions can be created and the impossible today can become possible in the near future. There are many examples of this, such as the Manhattan Project, the Apollo project. If the NRC votes to keep RBS then they are complicit in the destruction of America. The future of America is in your hands so don’t take this decision lightly.

Where are the visionaries? I am writing this so that my conscious is clear because there are millions of people near RBS that cannot speak for themselves.

So, it’s simple. NO do not renew the operating license. Start up a call to the government and the president to create a task force to immediately start the conversion of RBS to a “model” conversion plant taking advantage of the fact that it’s the right moment in history to have a huge impact.

Who will do it? The Chinese or Asian-Indians, or Europe? America has the potential to impact the world again. By the way, I am Scientist, Engineer Inventor and I purposely did not quote or use science or economics or such arguments as that is not my point.

This is the question before you. Stop RBS from operating as NPP and convert it into the “gem” of America and technological wonder/laboratory of alternative energies combining the power of Algae, Solar, Wind etc. and contribute to reverse pollution by cleaning the air and water around RBS and empower the American Population to lead again in technology.

It is unreasonable that alternatives are not taken into consideration.

Holtec, as an example, is an Asian-Indian founded company, whose only purpose is to perpetuate the accumulation of nuclear waste at the expense of Americans. What do we have to do with India? As an example, of the perverted influence peddling that foreign countries have on the USA, the NRC etc. Every single docket that has anything to do NPP and Holtec has been a pre-decision with no chance of any comments ever impacting a decision.

Let’s take back our country “America First”! says our president.

As an example, Holtec and its directors need to be audited for corruption and influence peddling and improprieties.

Where are the American companies, American students, American researchers?

Please NRC, empower American again. Choose NO….do not renew the license at RBS. It is a grave mistake to do that. One that will limit all future alternatives. Please think for the future. We can do it. As Rosie said. But need your support.

There are no more excuses to not reverse the course of history. All that it takes is a bold vision. Does the NRC have what it takes? Rebrand yourself as the NRC (Natural Renewables Commission), now that’s all it takes. See that was easy NRC….you can do it….Think Different.