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Trump-Perry throwing millions more of taxpayer money: Phase 1 NuScale Small Modular Reactor DOE Funding: $40,000,000; Non-DOE: $40,000,000; Total : $80,000,000 https://www.energy.gov/articles/secretary-energy-rick-perry-announces-60-million-us-industry-awards-support-advanced
Phase II NuScale DOE Funding: $7,000,000; Non-DOE: $7,100,000; Total: $14,100,000
BWRX-300 small light water reactor concept DOE Funding: $1,925,038; Non-DOE: $481,260; Total: $2,406,298  https://www.energy.gov/ne/articles/us-department-energy-provides-nearly-20-million-domestic-advanced-nuclear-technology

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Whatever NuScale is, or is not, it clearly isn’t “new”. The Bible must have foreseen the nuclear industry when it said that there was no new thing under the sun. While there might be something new about it, certainly its scale is not. And, it seems mostly a remake of old military reactors, perhaps with influence from swimming pool reactors. The main ancestor seems to be the US Army’s SM-1, made by the American Locomotive Company, making its most distant ancestor the steam locomotive.

Government subsidizes for NuScale are a deadly taxpayer rip rip-off. Even without an accident, nuclear reactors legally leak deadly radionuclides into the environment during the entire nuclear fuel chain, as well as when they are operating. Then, the nuclear waste is also allowed to leak for perpetuity.

The 1964 Lucens Design certainly looks like the one unit NuScale. Did MSLWR, now NuScale, take from Lucens or…

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