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During yesterday’s hearing with FBI agent Peter Strzok, US Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman wondered aloud if Congressman Gohmert needed medication: http://youtu.be/h9OTSR4Qdbk However, it is Congressman Goodlatte who goes into a strange repeating mode to the point of seeming stark raving mad. http://youtu.be/ANohtXQhkQw Gohmert is a Koch man, whose campaign has received over $50,000 from the Kochs from 2005 to the present, according to fec.gov. In 2015-16 he got $10,000 from the Koch PAC, and for 2017-18 he has gotten $7,500, thus far. We know that Trey Gowdy is a Koch boy. He looks like he could be Roger Stone’s kid, but we are guessing he’s not, despite Stone’s reputed promiscuity. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/koch-boys-jordan-gowdy-go-after-us-deputy-ag-rosenstein

Goodlatte has gotten over $15,000, between 2015 and the present, in campaign donations from the NRA (National Rifle Association). This creates an apparent Russia connection: https://www.wyden.senate.gov/news/press-releases/wyden-sends-additional-questions-to-nra-regarding-alexander-torshin-and-foreign-funding However, is it enough, or is there something more?

Goodlatte and his wife have invested in RGC Resources, where his wife serves on the board of directors. RGC Resources is an owner of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC, which was recently approved by a Trump appointed FERC board. The only non-Trump appointee voted against the pipeline approval. https://www.ferc.gov/media/statements-speeches/lafleur/2018/06-15-18-lafleur.asp

The Goodlattes are also invested in BlackRock, which is the “top holder of Russia Debt”, according to Bloomberg. Templeton Foreign Fund, in which they are invested, includes investments in BP and Shell, both of which are currently active in Russia. BP is partial owner (almost 20%) of majority Russian government owned Rosneft.

BlackRock, Top Holder of Russia Debt, Frets Over More Sanctions By Ben Bartenstein and Aline Oyamada April 16, 2018, 12:45 PM EDT https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-16/blackrock-alliancebernstein-fear-next-russia-sanctions-target

One thing for sure, whoever went after US Congressman Conyers, resulting in his resignation, shot Trump and the Republicans in the foot (metaphorically), because US Congressman Nadler is younger and quicker than Conyers. Nadler is very effective in fighting Goodlatte’s insanity.

Here is Goodlatte’s disclosure for 2017, submitted this year. There are probably more conflicts of interest.

A sample of Koch donations to Gohmert: