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Is actress Sela Ward divorcing her long-time husband, Democratic Primary run off candidate for the US Senate, Howard Sherman? He said in an interview with WLOX TV that he is “counting on” his social security. However, he and his wife have a multi-million dollar joint pension plan. So, is Sela Ward divorcing him? Or was he trying to mislead the public? Or?

Excerpt from the disclosure form submitted to the US Senate:

https://efdsearch.senate.gov/search/view/annual/88b28955-724e-4733-ab08-f10d73b50859/. It is set up as a trust with four members: https://www.brightscope.com/401k-rating/891749/Magnolia-Corporation/13746039/Magnolia-Corporation-Defined-Benefit-Pension-Plan We guess it’s for Sela, Howard, and their two kids. Their pension plan is apparently insured by the US government: https://www.pbgc.gov/search/insured-plans?fulltext=Lost%20Pensions&items_per_page=25&or_29=&orde_29=&order=field_plan_type&sort=desc&page=465

At 2:23 of the five minute WLOX interview with candidate Howard Sherman, he is asked about social security. He says that he is 63 years old and has “been paying in” his “whole life” and is “counting on” his social security. http://www.wlox.com/clip/14427490/wlox-news-this-week-howard-sherman. This raises the question of if his actress wife Sela Ward is divorcing him? Would the judge award him anything, since Mississippi’s not a community property state? Or was he trying to mislead the public? He didn’t say that he was counting on getting his social security back – suggesting that he wanted it back whether he needs it or not. Rather, he said “I’m 63 years old, I’ve been paying in my whole life and I’m counting on my social security”. This implies that he needs it to survive in old age.

At 1:36 minutes, when challenged about his statements about “finding federal dollars“, for this and that, considering the US deficit, he says that we need to be “more efficient about the way we spend it.” However, the state of Mississippi and the US government are together spending ridiculously high amounts of money (approx. $46,000 plus) to keep youth in Sela Ward-Howard Sherman’s non-profit institutional housing project called “Hope Village”, as described in detail in posts linked below. We are talking about Mississippi, and not Sherman’s home state of California. So, the amount of money expended could help (grand) parents, and their (grand) children, live a middle class existence and/or hire help, which could make foster care unnecessary in many cases. He has said that he entered the race against the sitting Republican Senator from Mississippi, Roger Wicker, because Wicker voted to use the federal money to help keep youth at home, which may reduce or eliminate funding to “Hope Village”. A year ago, Sherman and wife, actress Sela Ward, donated $10,000 to Wicker.