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Source: site «Crime Russia» (en.crimerussia.com): https://en.crimerussia.com/gromkie-dela/moscow-detains-banker-suspected-of-attempt-on-oligarch-gusinsky/
Moscow detains banker suspected of attempt on oligarch Gusinsky
15:15 / 22.03.2018
Investigators intend to apply to the court with a request to elect a preventive measure.

Former leader of the Pravoslavnaya (Orthodox) party and former owner of a number of scandalous banks Vladimir Sipachev was detained in Moscow on Wednesday, March 21. He is accused of preparing an attempt on oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky. The application for Sipachev was written by Gusinsky himself.

As reported by Rosbalt with reference to a source in the law enforcement bodies of the capital, investigators of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation intend to send an application requesting the election of a preventive measure to Sipachev in the form of arrest. Investigators suspect Sipachev of fraud against president of the taxpayers association Konstantin Gusarin.

According to investigators, Sipachev fraudulently received an equivalent of $1 million in rubles from president of the taxpayers association Konstantin Gusarin in 2012. In respect to him, a criminal case was initiated under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale).

The conflict between Sipachev and Gusarin began six years ago. Vladimir Gusinsky intervened in the conflict – he filed an application with law enforcement agencies about the preparation of the attempt. The reason for this was the credit of $80 million granted to authorities by Aeroflot Bank owned by Sipachev. Soon the bank announced that the city authorities refused to return the money. Sipachev claimed that this was done in order not to return $80 million, which allegedly were withdrawn through Most Bank owned by Gusinsky.

Aeroflot Bank lost its license in 1997. After this, Sipachev created the Pravoslavnaya party and was known as a major specialist in solving the problems of various bankers and banks, as well as other participants in the financial market.

Gusinsky left Russia in 2000 and now has Israeli and Spanish citizenship. Shortly before his departure, he was arrested on suspicion of fraud when buying Channel 11 of St. Petersburg television. Then he was released.

Already after Gusinsky’s departure a case was initiated against him over the illegal withdrawal of Most Bank’s assets abroad. Russia sought the extradition of the entrepreneur. He was arrested in Spain and Greece in connection with these requests and both times released.
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