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A Storm’s brewing, and not just in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Stormy Daniels’ hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The court had issued a stay, putting the case of Stormy Daniels vs. Trump and Cohen on hold for 90 days. However, additional information has come to light, with Trump and Giuliani opening their mouths. Michael Avenatti submitted a motion asking that the stay be lifted.

GOES-NASA 25 May 2018 – 1015 GMT, Storm organizing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Michael Avenatti, May 23, 2018: “Below is a motion we will be filing shortly seeking to lift the stay in light of the conduct/statements by Mr. Trump and Mr. Giuliani. It is now clear that Mr. Cohen’s invocation of the 5th Amend has no bearing on our ability to depose Mr. Trump. #Basta“.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/8wpwiw8zq6l658j/Motion%20for%20Reconsideration.pdf?dl=0 https://twitter.com/MichaelAvenatti/status/999664832730157059

CNN link to Avenatti interview: https://youtu.be/qX6ZHMHNkWI
A deposition in the law of the United States …. involves the taking of sworn, out-of-court oral testimony of a witness that may be reduced to a written transcript for later use in court or for discovery purposes…. When a witness’s testimony in open court is inconsistent with that given at deposition, a party can introduce the deposition to impeach (or contradict) the witness.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deposition_(law)

Excerpts from the Memorandum, with yellow highlight added. Entire 25 page document at the dropbox link above:

Interesting excerpt from pages 5-6 (pdf pp. 10-11). There are several pages of transcript excerpts from interviews in the Memorandum.
On the same morning of May 3, Mr. Giuliani went on Fox & Friends and continued openly discussing the Settlement Agreement and $130,000 payment:
EARHARDT: . . . Something that did stand out to me. I remember when Michael Cohen was interviewed about it and he, uh—it seemed like he was saying that he was never reimbursed that $130,000, and now it sounds like the story is changing.
GIULIANI: Well he, I mean he’s uh, he was definitely reimbursed. There’s no doubt about it…

GIULIANI: And denied them. And then said it wasn’t true. However, imagine if that came out on October 15, 2016 in the middle of the, you know, last debate with Hillary Clinton.
DOOCY: So to make it go away, they, they made this— ….