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…fascism, in Italy and Germany alike, has been subsidized above all by the magnates of heavy industry (iron and steel, mining) and by bankers with a stake in heavy industry“. (Daniel Guerin, “Fascism and Big Business“, 1936, p. 24)
Hitler Psych Analysis
See quote about Hitler in its original context toward the bottom of the page 51:
Hitler Psycho Analysis p. 51
Read the original document here: https://ia801304.us.archive.org/33/items/APsychologicalAnalysisofAdolfHitler/A%20Psychological%20Analysis%20of%20Adolf%20Hitler.pdf

The state, furthermore, rescues business enterprises on the brink of bankruptcy, forcing the masses to foot the bill. Such enterprises are kept alive with subsidies, tax exemptions, orders for public works and armaments. In short, the state thrusts itself into the breach left by the vanishing private customers.

But, such maneuvers are difficult under a democratic regime. As long as democracy survives, the masses, though thoroughly deceived and plundered, have some means of defense against the “great penance”: freedom of the press, universal suffrage, the…

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