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Houston Energy LP is an oil and gas exploration company, according to Bloomberg. It is a private company, making it virtually impossible to get information on it (the US needs to change this). It was co-founded by two LSU graduates, one of whom is a geologist (one would hope), but the other is a zoologist. Is the zoologist to look after the well-being of marine life? That would be surprising.

May 6 2018 Gulf of Mexico earthquake (Atwater Valley); Oil and Gas wells (orange), drilling rigs (black), pipelines (gray)

May 6, 2018 Earthquake; pipelines; Deepwater Horizon location; 2006 earthquake

May 6, 2018 Gulf of Mexico earthquake (Atwater Valley) with oil-gas blocks; oil-gas wells (orange) pipelines (grey)

May 6, 2018 earthquake oil and gas lease-block pipeline zoom Atwater Valley, Gulf of Mexico

M 4.6 – 181km SSE of Buras-Triumph, Louisiana
2018-05-06 16:47:09 UTC 27.874°N   88.702°W 10.0 km depth

27.874°N 88.702°W
± 6.2 km
10.0 km
± 1.9
Origin Time
2018-05-06 16:47:09.170 UTC

* OCS Oil & Gas Pipelines(2)
* BOEM OCS Lease Blocks(11)
* OCS Drilling Platforms(0) – black
* OCS Oil and Natural Gas Wells – orange


CONSTRAINING GAS HYDRATE OCCURRENCE IN THE NORTHERN GULF OF MEXICO CONTINENTAL SLOPE: FINE SCALE ANALYSIS OF GRAIN-SIZE IN HYDRATE-BEARING SEDIMENTS, Alexandra Hangsterfer; Neal Driscoll and Miriam Kastner Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH 2008), Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, July 6-10, 2008.
Within the subseafloor, methane hydrates form within the gas hydrate stability zone (GHSZ). Two areas within the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) were investigated in this study: Keathley Canyon and Atwater Valley. The GOM contains an underlying petroleum system and deeply buried, yet dynamic salt deposits. Salt tectonics and fluid expulsion upward through the sediment column lead to the formation of fractures, through which high salinity brines migrate into the GHSZ, destabilizing gas hydrates. Originating from the thermal and biogenic degradation of organic matter, thermogenic and biogenic hydrocarbons also migrate to the seafloor along the GOM’s northern slope. Gas hydrate occurrence can be controlled by either primary permeability, forming in coarse-grained sediment layers, or by secondary permeability, forming in areas where hydrofracture and faulting generate conduits through which hydrocarbon-saturated fluids flow. The goal of this study is to determine the relationship between grain-size, permeability, and gas hydrate distribution. Grain-size analyses were performed on cores taken from Keathley Canyon and Atwater Valley in the GOM, on sections of cores that both contained and lacked gas hydrate. The initial results indicate that gas hydrate occurrence in Keathley Canyon and Atwater Valley is constrained by secondary permeability, being structurally controlled by hydrofractures and faulting that act as conduits through which methane-rich fluids flow. Keywords: Methane hydrates, Gulf of Mexico, grain-size, permeability, thermal anomaly
See entire article here: https://www.netl.doe.gov/File%20Library/Research/Oil-Gas/methane%20hydrates/ICGH_5782_1_41330.pdf

The Frampton growth anticline is part of the Atwater Valley-Southern Green Canyon frontal fold belt in the deep-water northeastern Gulf of Mexico. The anticline is located basinward of the allochthonous Sigsbee Salt sheet near the Sigsbee Escarpment…. The Frampton anticline is cored by autochthonous Middle Jurassic Louann salt and its western limit is bounded by the Green Knoll diapir…..” Excerpted from Abstract of “Structural evolution of the Frampton growth fold system, Atwater Valley-Southern Green Canyon area, deep water Gulf of Mexico“, by Gianluca Grando Ken McClay, Marine and Petroleum Geology Volume 21, Issue 7, August 2004, Pages 889-910

Hudec, Michael & Jackson, Martin; Peel, Frank. (2013). “Influence of deep Louann structure on the evolution of the northern Gulf of Mexico“. AAPG Bulletin. 97. 1711-1735. 10.1306/04011312074.

See more related information here: https://lasinkhole.wordpress.com

There was no tsunami for this earthquake: https://tsunami.gov/events/PAAQ/2018/05/06/p8bfyq/1/WEXX32/WEXX32.txt

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