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Ranking Member Nadler Statement on House Republican Attempt to Force Production of Key Special Counsel Documents
May 2, 2018 Issues: Russia Investigation, Trump
Washington, D.C. – Today, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) released the following statement on the attempt by some House Republicans to force the production by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of key Special Counsel documents: 

“House Republicans are clearly trying to sabotage Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.  There is no reason for them to demand key strategic documents about an ongoing criminal investigation except to do damage to the investigation.  They want to force a confrontation with the Deputy Attorney General.  When Mr. Rosenstein refuses to provide these documents, Republicans will pounce with their transparent, dishonest articles of impeachment – unless President Trump beats them to the punch, and fires Mr. Rosenstein directly first.

“All of this noise is aimed at undermining the Special Counsel’s work as the investigation closes in on the President.  The President’s attacks on the Department of Justice grow more paranoid by the day.  The case for obstruction of justice—and the complicity of these House Republicans —grows day by day as well.” ###. https://nadler.house.gov/press-release/ranking-member-nadler-statement-house-republican-attempt-force-production-key-special


US Congressman Lieu, in an MSNBC interview, expresses the belief that there is very strong evidence against Trump, or Deputy AG Rosenstein and Special Counsel Mueller wouldn’t be talking so tough, with Rosenstein saying that the Justice Dept. won’t be extorted and Mueller threatening to subpoena. See: https://twitter.com/TheBeatWithAri/status/991803949111005185 (Emphasis our own.)