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Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Excellent letter in last weeks Westmorland Gazette in reply to previous  letter dismissing concerns about the coal mine plan.  Anita’s letter points out the close proximity of the proposed coal mine to Sellafield and the inconvenient truth that coal mining causes earthquakes.  Anita who wrote the letter tells us that the published letter  is much edited, nevertheless the main point about proximity to Sellafield comes across load and clear.

Coal Mine Poses Risk. WG April 19th 2018.jpg

Westmorland Gazette Letters April 19th 2018

Coal Mine Poses a Risk

“I dont find the ultimate paragraph of Do you need a gas-guzzler?  (Letters, March 29) in which the writer belittles the increased risk of seismic activity caused by coal mines, laughable at all.

Coal mining has been known to cause earthquakes, sinkholes and subsidence in the past.

Already there have been quite a number of earthquakes around the Sellafield area during my lifetime. In fact, Sellafield was built only half…

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