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Bushfire Safety and Survival for Businesses and Organisations. http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/public/download.jsp?id=30936 Dear Customers from p. 19
From “Bushfire Safety and Survival for Businesses and Organisations“, p. 19: http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/public/download.jsp?id=30936
Bushfires in Australia are frequent events during the hotter months of the year, due to Australia’s mostly hot, dry climate. Each year, such fires impact extensive areas
Radiant Heat Kills from a Distance www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/prepare_for_bushfire/be_bushfire_ready/be_bushfire_ready_app.jsp#step1
www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/prepare_for_bushfire/be_bushfire_ready/be_bushfire_ready_app.jsp#step1 50% Don't know in Bushfire area
See more here: http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/prepare_for_bushfire/be_bushfire_ready/be_bushfire_ready_app.jsp#step1

According to the South Australia Country Fire Service, nearly 1/2 of people living in bushfire prone areas don’t understand the threat. This is apparently true of those proposing adding nuclear anything in Australia. For, in such a context, the risks of nuclear anything are clearly even higher than average. And, the solar potential in Australia is higher than average. The choice should be clear.
SolarGIS © 2015 GeoModel Solar Australia
CC: SolarGIS © 2015 GeoModel Solar Australia
Almost 1/3rd of South Australia’s energy production is renewable energy, of which around 27% is wind, meaning that there is a huge, untapped, solar potential. [1]

In January of this year…

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