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Russia’s Baltic missile tests have interrupted air and maritime traffic of Latvia, Sweden and Poland for the last few days.

Map: Helsinki Commission, UNCLOS overview. Doc. 2/8, HELCOM SPATIAL WS 1/2009. p. 3

Germany buckled under to Russia on Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. Within a few days, Russia announced missile tests in the Baltic, disrupting air and marine transportation. Russia has a tiny exclave on the Baltic which it has occupied since 1945, which they renamed Kaliningrad, and which it uses as an excuse to be in the region. Russia complains that it is being surrounded by Europe, whereas Russia is actually occupying part of Europe. Even St. Petersburg has only been Russian since 1703, before that it was Swedish. Baltic researchers are apparently required to get permits weeks and even months ahead, whereas Russia apparently gave only a few days notice. Shame on the German government, and shame on America for not taking Trump’s love affair with Putin seriously enough to act in a quick and decisive manner to impeach Trump. Those who are toeing the Russian gov propaganda line are traitors to their own countries and to the world.

News Release from the Latvian Ministry of Defence, March 29, 2018:
Ministry of Defence concerned about Russia’s planned missile tests in exclusive economic zone of Latvia

Russia’s central air traffic management centre has informed the Latvian Civil Aviation Agency that the Russian Naval Force will carry out missile tests between April 4 and 6 from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia over the Baltic Sea.

Russia has asked Latvian Civil Aviation Agency to close its airspace at an altitude of 18 kilometres in an area roughly 40 kilometres off the Latvian coast for the planned missile tests during the above time span.

Latvia’s Ministry of Defence has summoned Col Andrey Lobov, Military, Air and Naval Force Attaché of Russian Embassy, and expressed its discontent with planned testing, underlining that although international agreements do not prohibit Russia from testing the missiles, such exercise is perceived as provocative and can be considered a display of power. Such training may disrupt the maritime transport and civil flights in and above the Baltic Sea.

Ministry of Defence has requested the Russian Military Attaché to provide detailed information about planned drill in the exclusive economic zone of Latvia. Latvian side has also asked for information on security arrangements during the missile test.

Ministry of Defence has notified Russian Military Attaché of the significant economic importance of the Baltic Sea. 36-hour traffic restrictions in the testing area will not only restrict commercial activities, but also increase the accident risk.

National Armed Forces of Latvia will be monitoring the missile training and further active surveillance of national borders“. http://www.mod.gov.lv/en/Aktualitates/Preses_pazinojumi/2018/03/29-02.aspx


Germany approves Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline
Nord Stream 2 has received final permission to start construction and operations in Germany. The US and EU’s eastern members fear the gas pipeline will empower Russia
.” Date 27.03.2018 Article here: http://www.dw.com/en/germany-approves-nord-stream-2-gas-pipeline/a-43156602 While Germany has approved the pipeline through its territorial waters, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and even Russia itself, have yet to approve the stretches of pipeline through their territorial waters. Finland issued a partial approval.

Concerns in region as Russia begins Baltic military drill
jr/rg 05.04.2018, 15:39 Russian naval exercises in the Baltic Sea have caused security fears among countries in the region, including Poland, and marine traffic disruptions.


Small map cropped from old US govt. map showing Nord Stream when it was called North Transgas. Notice Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden. Notice Russia’s Kaliningrad exclave which has been an occupied enclave of Europe since 1945.

Russia tests missiles in the Baltic Sea, a day after Baltic leaders met with Trump: The action was a “show of force,” a top Latvian defense official said.“. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/russia-tests-missiles-in-the-baltic-sea-a-day-after-baltic-leaders-met-with-trump/2018/04/04/0a35e222-380d-11e8-af3c-2123715f78df_story.html The Washington Post article points out that, in 2015, Russian military exercises were used to disrupt the laying of a power line link connecting Lithuania and Sweden. The purpose of the connector was to reduce dependency upon Russia and Belarus for electricity. It was finally finished, despite the disruptions.

Journalist points out correlation between Nord Stream 2 and the Russian missile tests:

Territorial and EEZ Map and information on doing research in the Baltic found here: “HELCOM (2015), BALSAM Project 2013‐2015: Report on Procedures for Granting Permits for Monitoring and Research Activities in the Baltic. http://www.helcom.fi/BALSAM%20publications/Report%20on%20Procedures%20for%20Granting%20Permits%20for%20Monitoring%20and%20Research%20Activities%20in%20the%20Baltic.pdf