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From the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:
Putin and the $100 million deal that disappeared
Published April 19 2012 By Maeve McClenaghan

Marina Salye looks through the records from her investigation into Putin.

The run-up to the recent Russian presidential elections was fraught with controversy. Several papers reported election-rigging, while protesters complained of repression of political opponents. But questions of corruption are nothing new for President-elect Vladimir Putin.

Putin started his career in the KGB, the secret police service that has since become the FSB. After working for several years in Germany, Putin moved to St Petersburg in 1990. There he left the KGB to enter the world of politics, taking up a number of positions within the city hall.

It was not long before questions began to swirl around Putin.

Food for oil

In 1992, Putin was investigated for a deal he oversaw while an official in the mayor’s…

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