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In the document written by lawyers on behalf of van der Zwaan (27-3-2018), we learn that his baby language, and one of his primary languages is Russian. His Dutch citizenship is through his father. He is less proficient in Dutch than in Russian, French or English, according to the filing. His father was often absent from his life and his Russian mother used Russian as a secret language with her son, according to the information submitted by his lawyers. The letter included from his mother, a language teacher, says that he has “perfect command” of the Russian language. We aren’t told why his mother immigrated to Belgium. If, for instance, she worked for Soviet Intelligence?

Van der Zwaan’s much younger wife is the 22 year old daughter of Ukrainian-Russian oligarch German Khan. Khan was worth 9.6 billion US $ in 2018, according to Forbes. Thus, van der Zwaan’s father-in-law is the same oligarch who allegedly said that “The Godfather” was his favorite movie and that he considered it a “manual for life”: “At dinner that evening, Khan had told a stunned Summers that The Godfather was his favorite movie, that he watched it every few months, and that he considered it a “manual for life.” Khan had also come to dinner armed with a chrome-plated pistol.” Excerpt from 2008 August 1, 12:18 (Friday), US State Dept. Cable 08MOSCOW2237_a, via Wikileaks: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/02/21/german-khan-and-the-godfather/ https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/02/21/dutch-national-pleads-guilty-to-lying-to-us-special-counsel-mueller-in-russia-investigation/

According to Mueller’s office, April 2, 2018:
van der Zwaan is in an unusual position of having information related to the Office’s investigation that is not widely known— including information that he knows first-hand due to his role in the conduct the Office is investigating.” Case 1:18-cr-00031-ABJ Document 26 Filed 04/02/18 Page 3 of 3 https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4428904/4-2-18-Notice-Van-Der-Zwaan.pdf

Case 1:18-cr-00031-ABJ Document 17 Filed 03/27/18 30 pages.
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