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UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson’s great-great grandmother was Circassian, and reportedly sold into slavery in Turkey. The Circassian people were victims of Russian invasion and genocide – murder and forced deportations. Still not satisfied, the Russian government has threatened him with a “surprise” for supposedly comparing them to Nazi Germany. The “surprise” sounds like a tacit threat of another poisoning, perhaps of tea, or left on the doorstep again!

Circassians fleeing from the Russian military.

The Russians sold Boris Johnson’s great-great grandmother into slavery while committing genocide against his ancestors to clear out his indigenous homeland of Circassia, because they wanted it to be part of Russia. Then they have the gall to threaten him and anyone who compares Russia to Nazi Germany! It’s not clear that he even compared the Russian government to the Nazis. Perhaps everyone should start comparing the Russian government to itself: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/03/27/the-russian-empire-just-being-the-russian-empire-800s-to-present

A (Soviet) Russian historian wrote this about the Circassian genocide in 1940: “During almost 100 years (from the end of 70s of the XVIII cent. till 1864), the mountain auls, bread and hay were systematically devastated and burnt by Tsar Troops and Cossacks, kettle was stolen, women, children and aged were enslaved. Peaceful population was mercilessly exterminated, the blood flew like water” (Pisarev V.I. Methods of conquest of Adygian people by Tsarism in the first half of the XIX cent.//Historical notes. Moscow, 1940. Vol. 9. page 155)“. http://www.parliament.ge/en/ajax/downloadFile/18398/genocidi-en

About the Tsars in that period: “After an era of dynastic crisis, the House of Holstein-Gottorp, a cadet branch of the House of Oldenburg that reigned in Denmark, ascended the throne in 1762 with Peter III, a grandson of Peter I. All rulers from the middle of the 18th century to the revolution of 1917 were descended from that branch“. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Romanov

Russian eye-witness to the Circassian genocide:
Ivan Drozdov, a Russian officer who witnessed the scene at Qbaada in May 1864 as the other Russians were celebrating their victory remarked:
On the road our eyes were met with a staggering image: corpses of women, children, elderly persons, torn to pieces and half- eaten by dogs; deportees emaciated by hunger and disease, almost too weak to move their legs, collapsing from exhaustion and becoming prey to dogs while still alive” — Ivan Drozdov
. Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circassian_genocide The story brings to mind the Scottish clearances; the Irish famine, and the American Indian Trail of Tears, excepting the dog part. It also caused a refugee crisis.

Boris Johnson’s great-great grandfather Ahemet Hamdi Kemal’s wife died and he remarried to a young Circassian slave girl named Hanife Fered. In short, the Russians sold Boris Johnson’s great-great grandmother into slavery and then they threaten him! It also makes him part Turkish. The Circassians were known for their blue eyes, and his great-uncle who is Circassian-Turkish had blue eyes.

Excerpt from the parliament of the Republic of Georgia’s statement recognizing the Circassian genocide: “Recalling the colonial policy of the Russian Empire towards Circassians during the Russo-Caucasus war (1763-1864), when the Russian political and military leadership planned and executed ethnic cleansing of Circassian territories, subsequently especially settling the territories with Kazaks and Russians, when as a result of multiple punitive military expeditions, more than 90% of the million and a half Circassian population was annihilated;….” http://www.parliament.ge/en/ajax/downloadFile/18398/genocidi-en

The Russians countered the heavy Circassian resistance by modifying the terrain. They laid down a network of roads and cleared the forests around these roads, destroyed native villages, and often settled new farming communities of Russians or pro-Russian Caucasian peoples.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circassian_genocide

The Caucasian War (Russian: Кавказская война; Kavkazskaya vojna) of 1817–1864 was an invasion of the Caucasus by the Russian Empire which resulted in Russia’s annexation of the areas of the North Caucasus, and the ethnic cleansing of Circassians. It consisted of a series of military actions waged by the Empire against the peoples of the Caucasus including the Adyghe, Abkhaz–Abaza, Ubykhs, and Nakh and Dagestanians as Russia sought to expand“. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasian_War

The Circassians had to convert to Islam to get the Ottoman Empire to help protect them from Russia: “… the masses of the Circassian people remained Christian and pagan, until the threat of Russian conquest impelled the majority of them to convert [to Islam] in order to cement defensive alliances with the Ottoman Empire and the Crimean Khanate to protect their independence.”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circassian_genocide

The Circassian Genocide, By Antero Leitzinger
The Eurasian Politician – Issue 2 (October 2000)
Summary: The genocide committed against the Circassian nation by Czarist Russia in the 1800s was the biggest genocide of the nineteenth century. Yet it has been almost entirely forgotten by later history, while everyone knows the later Jewish Holocaust and many have heard about the Armenian genocide. “Rather than of separate, selectively researched genocides, we should speak of a general genocidal tendency that affected many – both Muslim and Christian – people on a wide scene between 1856 and 1956, continuing in post-Soviet Russia until today”, writes Antero Leitzinger. This article was originally published in “Turkistan News”
. Read the article here: http://users.jyu.fi/~aphamala/pe/issue2/circass.htm Whether it is the largest depends on the actual numbers, which are debated, and if the Irish famine is classified as genocide. Is genocide based on numbers or on percentage of population? Based on percentage, the Circassian genocide seems to have been worse than the Irish famine. What about the Highland Clearances in Scotland by the UK? The Lowland Clearances of Scotland? How does it compare to the wars against the American Indians in the 1800s? The First Nations of Canada? Indigenous Australians? Other ethnic groups against which Russia committed genocide? How many Alaskan Natives and American Indians were killed during the Russian colonization of Alaska and other parts of the North American west coast?

Circassian genocide – the history of problem, chronicles of events, the scientific conclusion http://www.parliament.ge/en/ajax/downloadFile/18398/genocidi-en

About Boris Johnson’s Circassian-Turkish ancestor:
Treachery, a lynch mob murder, a beautiful slave girl and the fascinating history of Boris’s hair“, By Elizabeth Sanderson and Ewan Fletcher, 19 May 2008, Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co. uk/femail/article-566976/Treachery-lynch-mob-murder-beautiful-slave-girl-fascinating-history-Boriss-hair.html

Russian Foreign Secretary, Maria Zakharova, was reported, in The Telegraph, as saying: “We have a surprise for all who have the impudence to compare, to draw parallels between Russia and the Third Reich,”…. ” Let’s wait until Thursday, I promise to unveil a historic gift at a press conference. The gift is for Boris Johnson and everyone.

While we haven’t been able to find the original quote, Boris Johnson apparently agreed that the Soccer World Cup in Russia risks being like the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany. He had better watch his tea, and his doorstep. Hopefully Russia won’t successfully poison anyone again. They gave today as the deadline for their tacit threat.

Boris Johnson’s not even asking for a boycott of the World Cup 2018 in Russia, as he should. One of the sites for the soccer World Cup 2018 is Sochi, which is in Circassia. This is adding insult to injury but he doesn’t seem to have noticed. Maybe he thinks that it is the past. But, when the criminal habits of the past are repeated, it is not past. Here the famous Faulkner quote on the topic is exact.

Kremlin warns Boris Johnson it has a ‘surprise’ for those who compare Russia to Nazi Germany, by Harry Yorke, The Telegraph, March 26, 2018

Kremlin warns Boris Johnson it has a ‘surprise’ for those who compare Russia to Nazi Germany“, by Harry Yorke, The Telegraph, 26 March 2018

While we never found the supposed reference to 1936 by Boris Johnson, we found this:
Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire) (Con)
Will the Secretary of State join me in reiterating that the issues this House and the international community have with Russia are with Putin and his cronies, not the long-suffering and hard-pressed Russian people, who are victims in this themselves?

Boris Johnson 
My hon. Friend makes a very important point, which is made repeatedly by Members across the Chamber but cannot be made often enough. Our quarrel is not with the Russian people. We hold out the hand of friendship to the Russian people. They are not ringed with enemies. Our dispute is with the Kremlin as it is currently managed and the currently disruptive manner of Russian policy,…
” 27 March 2018, Volume 638. https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2018-03-27/debates/E31F019B-CAEE-4C6F-8832-154DBBA7E790/TopicalQuestions#contribution-8920944D-6ADA-417C-8A7B-0A3E1DFFE1D9

While people like to underline this, it isn’t totally true. There have always been Russians who are complicit with the Russian government, just as there have been, and still are, Americans who are complicit with US land grabs-persecution of American Indians. These land grabs are often about the grabbing of mineral resources, though they may be about agricultural land-lebensraum, as well.
Rebels tend to get weeded out of populations early on.

The Russians countered the heavy Circassian resistance by modifying the terrain. They laid down a network of roads and cleared the forests around these roads, destroyed native villages, and often settled new farming communities of Russians or pro-Russian Caucasian peoples.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circassian_genocide

Top photo by Pyotr Nikolayevich Gruzinsky: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pyotr_Nikolayevich_Gruzinsky_-_The_mountaineers_leave_the_aul.jpg