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On se flatterait en vain de connaitre la Russie actuelle, si l’on ne remontait plus haut dans son histoire.”—Le Pere Pierling (One cannot understand Russia today, without going far back in its past [1])

The Russian government is actually right. They shouldn’t really be compared to Nazi Germany, except economically. But, rather to their own land-grabbing, genocidal imperialist history. Nazi Germany only existed from 1933 to 1945, whereas Russia’s imperialist conquest-land grabs and genocides stretch far back in history over more than a thousand years, since the mid 800s, when they were founded as a Viking state. When the Russian government whines and complains about Europe, they need only look in the mirror. They are a European imperialist state from start to finish, though without democratic traditions. On the other hand, from an economic perspective, Russia is a strange mix of government owned companies and monopoly capitalism, which is arguably fascist.

Rurik: The Viking Founder of the Russian State. Scandinavia had a population explosion, and practiced banishment, meaning that many vikings were what are called juvenile deliquents. The priests would raise their hand in peace and the vikings cut their hands off. Other vikings came as settlers seeking land, due to the population explosion in Scandinavia. The nicest period of European history seems to be between the fall of the Roman Empire and arrival of the vikings.

A list of some of the Russian Empire Genocides, from Wikipedia titles: Circassians, Siberia-Genocide of indigenous peoples § Russian Empire’s conquest of Siberia, Kyrgyz. Then in the USSR: “Multiple documented instances of unnatural mass death occurred in the Soviet Union under Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. These include Union-wide famines in the early 1920s and early 1930s and deportations of ethnic minorities.” Examples of Soviet genocide include, Decossackization, Holodomor (Ukraine), Poles in the Soviet Union, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, Karachay and Kalmyks; Deportations of Baltic people, Crimean Tatars. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocides_in_history

About the Circassian genocide in Russia, where the people were deported from their homeland around the area of the Sochi olympics, after the Russian conquest: “Ivan Drozdov, a Russian officer who witnessed the scene at Qbaada in May 1864 as the other Russians were celebrating their victory remarked:
“On the road our eyes were met with a staggering image: corpses of women, children, elderly persons, torn to pieces and half- eaten by dogs; deportees emaciated by hunger and disease, almost too weak to move their legs, collapsing from exhaustion and becoming prey to dogs while still alive” — Ivan Drozdov
: Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circassian_genocide The story brings to mind the Scottish highland clearances; the Irish famine, and the American Indian Trail of Tears, excepting the dog part. It also caused a refugee crisis. Boris Johnson has an ancestress who was deported by Russia-sold as a slave from Circassia to people in Turkey. Still not satisfied, the Russian government has threatened him with a “surprise” for calling them Nazis. He had better watch his tea. Everyone can expect another Russian poisoning between now and Thursday, the deadline for the threat.

The maps, below, only start in 1492, and are incomplete. For instance, in 1939 Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany entered into a pact where each took half of Poland. However, the maps make clear that Russia’s been doing imperialism for longer than the US has even existed. It is only due to ignorance of history that people swallow the lies of the Russian government. For people of a certain age, it was difficult to find maps and history books. The only excuse today is laziness for students, and lack of time for non-students.  Many excellent maps are available online, but it’s difficult to find ones which are public domain, as the ones are below.

1492:  Where’s the USA?  Not there. European colonisation of the USA was much later, and the USA didn’t declare its independence until 1776. Then it had to not only fight the American Revolution, but also the War of 1812 to secure its independence from the UK. The Russian Empire’s already there, however. Even Scotland was not part of the United Kingdom. However, Ireland was an English colony, though it’s barely visible on the map. There are some Portuguese and Danish colonies on the map.

In 1800, Russia owned a chunk of North America which was almost as big as the USA of that time. The USA bought Alaska from Russia. In 1800, Napoleon (France) gained much of the mid-part of North America back from Spain, only to sell it to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.


Russia and Polish maps released to public domain via wikipedia. More are found here: : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Colonisation2.gif

USGS map of the United States public domain via wikipedia.

A more literal translation of “On se flatterait en vain de connaitre la Russie actuelle, si l’on ne remontait plus haut dans son histoire” One would be flattering oneself in vain about knowing contemporary Russia, if one doesn’t go back, as far as possible, in its history.