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Sellafield Nuclear Site and area of proposed coal mine under the Irish Sea (St. Bees). Photo by Marianne Birkby.

To Object, Send Emails to Rachel.Brophy@cumbria.gov.uk in the Subject put : Wood House Colliery 4/17/9007 If you have time please do also tell the Development Control Committee how you feel too! They will be making the decision on March 7th in Kendal http://councilportal.cumbria.gov.uk/mgCommitteeDetails.aspx?ID=124. Letters to be in before 19th February to stand a good chance of being included in the report to Council – but you can object up until the planning meeting on the 7th March” Sample letter and more information here: https://keepcumbriancoalinthehole.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/urgent-keep-cumbrian-coal-in-the-hole/

By keepcumbriancoalinthehole:
Follow the Cumbrian Coal Mine money….all the way to China
Back in 2015 the Champagne glasses were clinking in The Four Seasons, a Chinese restaurant in Whitehaven, Cumbria.  West Cumbria Mining was “happily toasting the recent visit to the UK of Chinese premier Xi Jinping.” As well they might. Over £14m of funding for the development has come from EMR Capital Resources Fund, an Australian-managed private equity fund. Managed by Owen Hegarty and Jason Chang, pride of place in the head office is a photo of “an Australian politician at the signing of an agreement between EMR and a bank in China”. 

Why China, through EMR Capital, would want to put money into a coal mine in the UK is unfathomable. In 2015, when West Cumbria Mining were toasting the visit of Xi Jinping, the Chinese people were protesting against a coal-fired plant at Heyuan “around 10,000 Chinese residents of Heyuan in north-eastern Guangdong took to the streets on Sunday (12 April) to protest against (the expansion of ) a coal-fired power plant in the region.” This is because the air and water in the region was already heavily polluted. The incidences of  inhuman brutality by the Chinese regime to protestors is well documented but rarely mentioned in the new era of globalisation at any cost.

As well as protesting against new coal, existing mining operations are withholding wages for their miners as there is overcapacity in the Chinese market and in a bid to solve this mines have been closed down. Thousands of coal miners have been on the streets protesting about unpaid wages

So why on earth would China want to invest in coal in the UK? There is the strategic importance of coal mining under the Irish Sea at St Bees: it is only 8km from Sellafield but that is paranoid thinking.  Then there is the prestigious St Bees school, the oldest (?) in the UK founded in 1583 which unaccountably closed in 2015 (when West Cumbria Mining were chinking their Champagne glasses). Guess what happened next? St Bees school has been “saved” by Shenzhen International, a mega Chinese organisation which seems to have fingers in all sorts of pies.

It is madness and the Chinese people are absolutely right to be protesting on the streets in their tens of thousands about new coal mines opening up in their country.

So what’s happening in Cumbria?
Well, there is a statue in Whitehaven – a poignant memorial to coal miners who lost their lives. “End of an Era”, it’s called. Only apparently it isn’t.

Now there is the plan by West Cumbria Mining (backed by EMR Capital) to expand the dangerous Whitehaven mines with undersea coal mining. There has been lots of greenwashing heaped on the plan by West Cumbria Mining to reopen Whitehaven coal mine, the most gaseous, dangerous pit in the Kingdom.  In 1815, Sir Humphrey Davy’s invention of the miner’s safety lamp was first tested in Whitehaven Coking Coal Mine because of its reputation for “firedamp” (methane) and fatal explosions.

That was in the pre-atomic age. Now in the same area, just eight kilometres away, we have the most dangerous nuclear site in the world: Sellafield. Windscale – later renamed Sellafield is too close to the proposed site….“. Read more and see embedded references here: https://keepcumbriancoalinthehole.wordpress.com/2017/10/30/thanks-to-scisco-media-for-publishing-article-on-china-connection-to-cumbria-coal/