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JOHNWOODCOCKMPJohn Woodcock MP has announced that he wants the public to pay for a new cancer factory in Cumbria.  The money to pay for new reactors on greenfields (being called Moorside) near Sellafield ‘should come out of the public purse’ he says.  As the situation stands with China and South Korea in the running for a finger in the UKs nuclear poison pie, the public would be handing over money to state owned companies.  This is outrageous but it is not the most outrageous thing about new nuclear build.  There is not enough freshwater in Cumbria right now for the existing wastes with the public having to make do with borehole water while Sellafield abstracts top quality water from Wastwater, the river Ehen and elsewhere.  Where on this precious earth does John Woodcock think the top quality water required to cool the Moorside wastes for  many decades would come from? …

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