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The Catalan President urges the European union to react to the jailing of Catalan officials and community activists. Meanwhile, the EU has opened an investigation into possible misappropriation of European funds for the election campaigns of Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy’s party (PP). The investigation is a spin-off of the ongoing corruption case involving Rajoy’s party, the Gürtel (Correa) case. The noose appears to be tightening around Rajoy in this case. Or, the belt (Correa-Gürtel) is tightening! Rajoy may be in prison before the Catalan President goes to court in Belgium. PM Rajoy’s aggression against Catalonia has managed to bump the corruption case out of the news, which seems to have been the plan. Meanwhile, Catalonia is on strike today.
7-Nov-17 TV News: ‘Puigdemont urges EU to act’

link: http://youtu.be/-AQvbNO2l14
Europe can’t have an entire government in jail or exiled. This was Carles Puigdemont’s main message in his first interview after being released by a judge in Brussels. He and his four deposed ministers in Belgium have urged the European Union to react to Spain´s incarceration of ten pro-independence leaders and what they call a violation of human rights.http://catalannews.com/catalan-news-tv/item/7-nov-17-tv-news-puigdemont-urges-eu-to-act

Corruption in Spain: Brussels (EU) investigates possible misappropriation of European funds for the election campaigns of Rajoy’s party. See: “Corruption en Espagne : Bruxelles enquête sur de possibles détournements de fonds européens pour les campagnes électorales du parti de Rajoy” by Antoine Gasquez 7 novembre 2017, La Semaine du Roussillon: https://www. lasemaineduroussillon. com/2017/11/07/corruption-espagne-bruxelles-enquete-de-possibles-detournements-de-fonds-europeens-campagnes-electorales-parti-de-rajoy

The chief investigator of the Gürtel corruption case confirmed on Tuesday that there are indications that Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy received “black” payments from the “B box” of his political party (PP). The chief investigator Manuel Morocho denounces pressures to stop the Gürtel corruption investigation and has called the case “corruption in its purest form”. See: http://www.eldiario.es/politica/Gurtel-presiones-desestabilizadoras-UDEF-investigacion_0_705530232.html and https://www.telesurtv.net/news/Investigacion-arroja-corrupcion-en-el-partido-de-Mariano-Rajoy–20171107-0049.html or do a search for much more.

Catalonia sees second general strike in a month
Unions, civic organizations and political parties sign up to stoppage demanding release of imprisoned Catalan officials, 07 November 2017 04:49 PM by ACN | Barcelona

Spain’s ruling party says direct rule of Catalonia may be reimposed after election , ‘If they backslide, they will face the same answer,’ states People’s Party spokesman, 07 November 2017 04:33 PM by ACN, Barcelona, http://catalannews.com/politics/item/spain-s-ruling-party-says-direct-rule-of-catalonia-may-be-reimposed-after-election

Catalan teachers accused by Spain of sounding sympathetic to the Catalan cause when discussing the brutal attacks by Spanish police upon referendum voters. Spain calls this “hate speech”:
Teachers charged with hate speech remain under investigation
Court in northern Catalan town maintains case against schools accused of promoting hatred during classroom debate on October 1 referendum” 07 November 2017 07:08 PM by ACN | Barcelona
“… All the teachers, which include the heads of the three schools involved, deny the charges… On October 1 the Guardia Civil police were heavily involved in attempting to prevent voting taking place, even resorting to violence to seize ballot boxes and close down polling stations. According to the charges, the alleged classroom incidents took place on October 3, just a couple of days after the vote…