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Language, genetics, blood type and history all point to the Basque people as the remnant of the earliest indigenous Europeans.

As reported by ABP and translated by MA:
Thousands of Basques Protest Against Madrid’s Repressive Policies in Catalonia, published 5 Nov. 2017,

Basques who, up until now, had remained discreet about the events in Catalonia, descended into the streets on Saturday, in the rain, to protest against the policies of Madrid and the application of article 155 in Catalonia.

2003-2017 © Agence Bretagne Presse, except Creative Commons, https://abp.bzh/des-milliers-basques-manifestent-contre-la-politique-repressive-de-madrid-en-catalogne-43492 (Second photo is screen shot of video. See video at original.)

Spain’s Article 155: The constitution’s ‘nuclear option’
Article 155 of the Spanish constitution would allow the government in Madrid to intervene in the running of Catalonia. It’s an extreme measure for exceptional situations that has never been invoked before.
“21.10.2017 http://www.dw.com/en/spains-article-155-the-constitutions-nuclear-option/a-40861578

Since the Basque language is unrelated to Indo-European, it has long been thought to represent the people or culture that occupied Europe before the spread of Indo-European languages there… It is thought that Basques are a remnant of the early inhabitants of Western Europe, specifically those of the Franco-Cantabrian region. Basque tribes were already mentioned in Roman times by Strabo and Pliny, including the Vascones, the Aquitani, and others. There is enough evidence to support the hypothesis that at that time and later they spoke old varieties of the Basque language…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basques

Original French:
Des milliers de Basques manifestent contre la politique répressive de Madrid en Catalogne Publié le 5/11/17 0:33, dans Dépêche par La rédaction pour ABP

Les Basques qui jusqu’à maintenant étaient restés discrets au vu des évènements en Catalogne sont descendus dans la rue samedi sous la pluie pour protester contre la politique de Madrid et l’application de l’article 155 à la Catalogne.

2003-2017 © Agence Bretagne Presse, sauf Creative Commons https://abp.bzh/des-milliers-basques-manifestent-contre-la-politique-repressive-de-madrid-en-catalogne-43492

Thousands of Basque protesters take sides in Catalonia dispute“, 05.11.2017