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Who will it be? The obvious answers appear to be Trump former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. Less obvious would be Carter Page or Roger Stone. One can but hope it is Donald Trump, Jr. and even better, Donald Trump, Sr. Roger Stone got thrown off twitter for his nasty remarks. Stone being so upset suggests that he suspects that he and/or his former colleague Manafort must be about to be taken into custody. There is also Kissinger who is a friend-advisor to both Trump and Putin and seems to be acting as a go-between messenger. Hurry up already! They’ve been dangerously slow. The crackdown on Catalonia by Spain’s PM Rajoy – long under criminal investigation (Correa-“Guertel” Case), with his party (the PP) – proves the dangers of moving so slowly. Leaving in place a leader and his entourage who are under investigation is like leaving rabid mad dogs in charge of the country. And, these mad dogs have nuclear weapons, though there is plenty of damage they are doing without using them. Say your prayers, cross your fingers but please don’t hold your breath unless your name is Trump or Pence.

Excerpts from VOA:
Washington Braces for First Charges in Probe of Russia Links to US Election Last Updated: October 29, 2017 4:25 PM, by Ken Bredemeier
 WASHINGTON — Washington is bracing for the first criminal charges linked to Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, even as President Donald Trump continued to claim Sunday the investigations are a “Witch Hunt for evil politics.”….

A federal grand jury on Friday approved charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to several major news outlets, and the allegations could be disclosed Monday, with a suspect taken into custody.

It was not immediately known who is being targeted or the nature of the charges. They are under seal, by order of a federal judge.

But the allegations would mark a significant milestone in Trump’s nine-month White House tenure. He has often disparaged the investigations, Mueller’s and three congressional probes, into links between his campaign and Russia, arguing they are attempts by Democrats to explain his stunning upset of his challenger, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton….

The U.S. intelligence community concluded in early 2017 that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally directed a campaign to undermine U.S. democracy and help Trump win. But none of the months-long probes has been completed yet or reached conclusions, contrary to Trump’s contention.

In addition to examining the Russian involvement, Mueller is probing whether Trump obstructed justice when he fired Comey, who was heading the agency’s Russia investigation before Mueller, a former FBI director, was named to take over.

Trump has said he was thinking of “this Russia thing” when he decided to dismiss Comey last May and a day later boasted to Russian officials in a White House meeting that he had removed “great pressure” from his presidency by ousting Comey. He described Comey as “crazy, a real nut job.”…

But days later, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein named Mueller to lead the investigation after Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself, much to Trump’s chagrin, from handling any aspect of the Russia investigation.

Legal experts say the first charges could be against a peripheral figure in the case, with prosecutors using a common strategy to first build their case against lower level officials before focusing on more prominent people.

CNN reported lawyers working on Mueller’s team were seen entering the federal courtroom in Washington, D.C., on Friday, where the grand jury meets to hear testimony.

Mueller is believed to be examining activities of two key Trump campaign officials, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was fired by Trump less than a month after he assumed power for lying to Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador to Washington, and Michael Manafort, who for a short time last year was Trump’s campaign manager and also had wide lobbying interests in Ukraine and links to Russia.

Some Republicans have begun to call for an end to the investigations, but one key Republican lawmaker, Congressman Trey Gowdy, told Fox News Sunday he would encourage members of his party to give Mueller “a chance to do his job. He hasn’t done anything to cause a lack of confidence in him… he is a pretty apolitical guy.” Gowdy said he opposes cutting Mueller’s funding for the investigation.

Gowdy, as chairman of the House of Representatives government oversight panel, last week opened an investigation into Comey’s and the FBI’s handling of its probe into Clinton’s use of the private email serverhttps://www.voanews.com/a/washington-braces-for-/4090967.html We removed Trump’s hot air. The Trump admin. “beachheads” run by real estate developer Reed Cordish must still be active at VOA because the first half of the article was ruined with Trump “art of the con” hot air, meaning an impatient reader might not make it to the important article core. Maybe Trump is the source of global warming? We don’t intend to waste our readers’ time nor blog space. Trump will rot in hell, that is for sure. More than the Russians he won because he lied to a largely honest, hard-working and naive American public. He needs to be deported and imprisoned in his maternal island of Isle of Lewis or nearby at Dounreay with all of the radioactive garbage.

First charges filed in U.S. special counsel’s Russia investigation: source 
Posted:Sun, 29 Oct 2017 13:28:10 -0400
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal grand jury on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a source briefed on the matter told Reuters. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/Reuters/PoliticsNews/~3/W48eg6Kr5K4/first-charges-filed-in-u-s-special-counsels-russia-investigation-source-idUSKBN1CX00V