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Catalan President Companys was killed by Franco’s Spanish fascist government on Oct. 15, 1940. On the 77th anniversary, the current Catalan government placed flowers in his memory.

The following is based on an unofficial English translation of the Catalan Press Release “President Puigdemont: “Companys va ser assassinat en nom de l’ordre i la legalitat establertes” 15-10-2017 12.33, with some commentary added in brackets:
15-10-2017 12.33
President Puigdemont: Companys Was Assassinated In the Name of the Established Order and the Law

President Puigdemont recalled that President Companys was the victim of a very unequal battle between democratic legitimacy and dignity, and the legitimacy and baseness of fascism which was protected by the power of the [Spanish] state.

The Catalan President Puigdemont reiterated his own commitment and that of the Government to be inspired by peace, civility, serenity, firmness and democracy in the decisions that they must take.

Puigdemont, accompanied by Vice President Junqueras and several members of the Government, followed the tradition of laying flowers in front of President Lluís Companys’ tomb and the monument to his memory, on the 77th anniversary of his execution by firing squad.

The current President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, today reminded us that President Lluís Companys was shot just for being the President of the Generalitat [Catalan Government] and that his execution took place in the name of the established order and the law.

From the cemetery of Montjuic, where this morning he followed tradition by laying flowers in front of the tomb and the monument in memory of the former president of the Generalitat, Lluís Companys, the current head of the Executive said that he was a victim of a very unequal battle between democratic legitimacy and dignity, and the legitimacy and baseness of fascism, protected by the power of the state. [Note: While apparently referring to Companys, the reference could equally be today, where the party of the current Prime Minister of Spain, Rajoy, was founded by old Francoist-fascists.] For this reason, President Puigdemont has reproached the [Spanish] State that 77 years after Campany’s execution, this figure has not yet received the treatment that he merits, when it is assumed that the order and the law that allowed that execution have already changed. And, in that same sense, he has denounced that the ruling party continues to penalize that crime, while choosing as protest partners those who make the fascist salute with total impunity. [Note – we read a potential double meaning in the original “alcen el braç feixista”, raise the fascist arm, as Spain raising police sticks to beat those who wanted to vote in the independence referendum on Oct. 1st.]

The head of the Executive, accompanied by the members of the Government affirmed that to speak of Companys on the day of commemoration of his execution by firing squad is to speak of dignity and courage, which supposes a duty of memory and respect and at the same time it is a commitment to peace against violence, against aggression and against coercion.

He called on all Catalans to oppose violence, with civility; oppose threats and fear, with hope; oppose provocateurs, with serenity; oppose insults, with respect; oppose the indignity of some politicians who slandered Catalania’s schools, with the dignity of Catalonia’s teachers, and oppose those who want to put the economy at the service of political interests, with the determination of Catalonia’s small and medium-sized businesses and of its workers to build a country of free competition and where the value of the vote weighs more than the value of the stock exchange.

The president took advantage of his speech to the media to make clear his commitment and that of the Government to be inspired by peace, civility, serenity and also by firmness and democracy when making decisions while facing the difficult and hopeful times that Catalonia is living through.
Read the entire 15-10-2017 12.33 official news release in Catalan here: “President Puigdemont: “Companys va ser assassinat en nom de l’ordre i la legalitat establerteshttp://premsa.gencat.cat/pres_fsvp/AppJava/oficina-president/notapremsavw/303627/ca/president-puigdemont-companys-va-ser-assassinat-en-nom-de-lordre-la-legalitat-establertes.do

See: “Spanish anti-separatists in Madrid protest with fascist arm salutes while singing far-right song Many of the protesters were teenagers and chanted for the Catalan president to be put in prison“, by Natasha Salmon , Sunday 1 October 2017 16:10 BST http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/catalonia-independence-referendum-polls-open-vote-protests-barcelona-madrid-police-guardia-civil-a7976791.html

Catalan leader fails to spell out independence stance, calls for talks
Posted:Mon, 16 Oct 2017 04:01:52 -0400
MADRID/BARCELONA (Reuters) – Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont failed to clarify on Monday whether he had declared Catalonia’s independence from Spain last week, paving the way for the central government to take control of the region and rule it directly.

When there are English translations they appear to be placed here, but also at the official Catalan page: http://www.catalangovernment.eu/pres_gov/government/en/president/speeches-remarks-official-statements.html
Today it was here: http://premsa.gencat.cat/pres_fsvp/AppJava/notapremsavw/303635/ca/carta-del-president-de-la-generalitat-carles-puigdemont-al-govern-espanyol-mariano-rajoy.do