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From Charter.org:

Russia Allocated $ 2.8 Million For Maintaining Its Military Bases In Belarus 6.10.2017, 9:16

[The Russian Minister of Defense Sergey] Shoigu is looking for a contractor to service Russian troops in our country.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has placed on the website of the Unified Information System an application for “providing services for the complex servicing of the barracks and housing stock of military camps of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in 2017 – 2018,” Ezhednevnik writes.

It is planned to allocate for this purpose a minimum of 167.1 million Russian rubles from the federal budget until September 2018.

The winner of the auction undertakes to ensure the operation of the water supply and sewerage systems (including the cost of cold water, hot water and sanitation services), operation and maintenance of water supply and sewerage facilities, electric grid facilities, outdoor lighting systems, heat generating facilities (including the cost of providing coal, firewood and salt) and heat network systems, as well as the maintenance of barracks and housing facilities.

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