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From the Charter’97 Press Center, 1 Sept. 2017:
Poroshenko About West-2017 Exercises: Russia Must Withdraw Military Equipment From Belarus 1.09.2017, 15:36

Ukraine attaches great importance to the conduct of Russian-Belarusian military exercises.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko spoke about possible threats to the territorial integrity of Ukraine due to the large-scale Russian-Belarusian military exercises West-2017, Radio Svaboda reports.

“We are very attentive to the conduct of these exercises. We see the possibility of threat, including for the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” – Poroshenko told journalists during a working visit to Kharkov region.

The President of Ukraine also recalled that in 2008 and later, the Russian Federation concentrated its equipment in the guise of exercises.

“Now we will closely monitor the exercises to make sure all the equipment that has been brought (to Belarus) for training, was withdrawn and threats were removed,” – Poroshenko said.

Russian-Belarussian exercises West-2017 will be held on the territory of Belarus on September 14-20. They will involve 13,000 servicemen. Russian troops began arriving in Belarus on August 15. The exercises will be held at six training ranges in Belarus: near Lepel, Barysau, Losvidz, Asipovichy, the air force and air defense training ranges Ruzhanski and Damanauski, as well as near the village of Dretun.

Belarus invited two observers from seven countries to monitor the exercises on its territory.” CC-BY: © 1998–2017 Хартыя’97 http://www.charter97.orgRemember, please, you are expected to refer to the Charter’97 Press Center when using the site materials. The publisher: Charter97.org in Warsaw.https://charter97.org/en/news/2017/9/5/261894/ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/pl/
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