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From the Charter’97 Press Center:

Russian Soldiers Who Fought In Ukraine: West-2017 Exercises Have Already Begun 5.09.2017, 7:42

The Russians who arrived in Belarus do not mince their words.

Human rights activist Natallia Harachka recorded near Barysau a conversation with Russian soldiers, who confessed that they had fought in Ukraine.

On September 1, Natallia Harachka came to see a son who is on military service and stays at a military training ground near Barysau. It is there that one of the garrisons deployed for the West-2017 exercises is located.

The human rights activist reported on the air of Belsat that she had talked with the Russian military, who had confessed to her that they had fought in Ukraine. “They told me that the exercises had already begun,” – Harachka said.
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Note that there is a youtube video in Belarusian at the original.