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Mitsubishi Urakami Ordance Plant. Atomic Bomb Area Nagasaki.
Movie by US National Archives and Records Administration (Transcript at bottom of blog post).

The hurriedly-targeted weapon ended up detonating almost exactly between two of the principal targets in the city, the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works to the south, and the Mitsubishi-Urakami Torpedo Works to the north… The official Manhattan Engineer District report on the attack termed the damage to the two Mitsubishi plants ‘spectacular.http://www.osti.gov/manhattan-project-history/Events/1945/nagasaki.htm

It also destroyed the Urakami Roman Catholic Church, at the time the largest in the east, and killed the worshippers within, as well as many others in Nagasaki.
Urakami Cathedral before A bomb

71 years later, today, people are still dying as a result of the delayed effect of radiation. Atomic bomb hospitals are full of those people“. (Setsuko Thurlow, May 27, 2016, DemocracyNow interview) https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/08/07/i-want-the-world-to-wake-up-hiroshima-survivor-criticizes-obama-for-pushing-new-nuclear-weapons/
Sumiteru Taniguchi's back injuries from Nagasaki bombing, January 1946, by USMC
Sumiteru Taniguchi’s back injuries from Nagasaki bombing, January 1946, by…

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