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Mining Awareness +

Trump has ties, at least indirectly, to Mogilevich via Trump Tower Toronto (Shnaider employer and father-in-law, Birshtein) and the alleged mafia protector (Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov) of the gambling ring run, at least in part, out of Trump Tower 5th Ave., and via the Genovese Crime Family (Trump lawyer and friend Roy Cohn represented for them). All of whom are alleged by the FBI as working with Mogilevich, as shown in the document pages (about 1/2 main text) below. Further details of the ties are found below the screen shots. Interesting the mention of vodka, since Trump has or had a vodka brand. Also, trafficking in nuclear materials; the mention of KGB; the mention of fraudulent Israeli passports. Recall that his first wife, mother to Ivanka, is supposed to be from the Czech Republic. Chernobyl mentioned on p. 13. It does not say if it was carried out.

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