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@SenBlumenthal‬ on Donald Trump Jr.: “This meeting…is bombshell evidence of conspiracy and criminal intent.” tweeted US Senator Blumenthal on July 10th.

Donald Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and Manafort met, last year, with a Prevezon lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who is also active in trying to repeal the related Magnitsky Act. “Rob Goldstone, a music publicist who represents Agalarov, confirmed Monday that he requested the Trump Tower meeting at Agalarov’s request. Emin Agalarov and his father, Aras Agalarov, a wealthy Moscow real estate developer, helped sponsor the Miss Universe pageant, then owned by Trump, in Russia in 2013./After the pageant, the Agalarovs signed a preliminary deal with Trump to build a tower bearing his name in Moscow, though the deal has been on hold since Trump started his campaign for president….https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/kremlin-denies-knowing-of-donald-trump-jr-meeting-with-russian-lawyer-during-2016-campaign/2017/07/10/c2bfee34-6566-11e7-a1d7-9a32c91c6f40_story.html

A developer of the Trump SoHo, Tevfik Arif, through Bayrock, had also planned a Trump Tower Moscow.

Plaintiff the United States of America (the “Government”), by its attorney Preet Bharara, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, for its verified complaint (the “Complaint”) alleges, upon information and belief, as follows:
1. This action is brought by the Government pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§ 981(a)(1)(A), 985, and 1956(b)(1) seeking the forfeiture of certain property involved in laundering the proceeds of a Russian tax refund fraud scheme and the imposition of civil money laundering penalties.
2. The Government’s claims arise out of the laundering of proceeds of a criminal enterprise in Russia in a complicated series of transactions including real estate purchases in the Southern District of New York. As set forth in more detail below, upon information and belief, a Russian criminal organization including corrupt Russian government officials (the “Organization”) defrauded Russian taxpayers of approximately 5.4 billion rubles, or approximately $230 million in United States dollars, through an elaborate tax refund fraud scheme. After perpetrating this fraud, members of the Organization have undertaken illegal actions in order to conceal this fraud and retaliate against individuals who attempted to expose it. As a result of these retaliatory actions, Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian attorney who exposed the fraud scheme, was falsely arrested and died in pretrial detention. Members of the Organization, and associates of those members, have also engaged in a broad pattern of money laundering in order to conceal the proceeds of the fraud scheme. This money laundering activity has included the purchase of pieces of Manhattan real estate with funds commingled with fraud proceeds.. . .
Case 1:13-cv-06326-TPG Document 381 Filed 10/23/15 Page 4-5 of 86

Preet Bharara was fired on March 11, 2017: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preet_Bharara

Around March 10th: “One name that has surfaced as Bharara’s possible successor is Marc Mukasey, a lawyer and an associate of former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, one of President Donald Trump’s most prominent supporters during last year’s presidential campaign./ Mukasey’s father, a former U.S. attorney general, has represented Prevezon in an appeal in federal court related to the civil asset-forfeiture case.” (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/10/nyregion/preet-bharara-us-attorney.html https://www.rferl.org/a/28061649.html ) https://www.rferl.org/a/bharara-u-s-prosecutor-thorn-in-russia-s-side/28369355.html

On March 21, 2017 Russian lawyer Nikolai Gorokhov, a witness in the Prevezon Holdings case, was thrown from the top floor of his apartment building.

Former Acting Attorney General Yates Testified on Monday, May 8th, about the Trump former National Security Advisor Flynn being subject to blackmail by Russia,

On May 9th, the US vs. Prevezon Ruling re admission of documents came down,

On the same day, FBI director Comey was fired by the Trump administration,

The Russian Foreign Minister arrived in Washington, DC on May 10th,

US vs. Prevezon Holdings trial was set to start in New York on May 15th

But then, “U.S. Settles Magnitsky-Linked Money Laundering Case On Eve Of Trial” “Federal prosecutors in New York announced the settlement with Russian businessman Denis Katsyv, the owner of Prevezon Holdings, on May 12, just three days before jury selection was set to begin in the case.” May 13, 2017, by Mike Eckel

The Prevezon case, which could well tie Trump and Russia together, ruling occurred on May 9th and the trial was supposed to start on May 15th. The settlement kept potentially important information from becoming public, at least for now: “Many of the bank records that the Government intends to use as evidence in this action are derived from a Russian criminal case file. The Government, as an initial matter, directly requested these records and other forms of evidence from the Russian Federation. (Gov’t Motion in Limine No. 1 (“Mot.”), ECF No. 593, at 3.) But the Russian Federation declined to accede to the request, and instead “provid[ed] a selection of non-germane documents and a letter purporting to exonerate all Russian officials and Prevezon personnel.” (Mot. at 3.) 1 This Opinion and Order also addresses and resolves Prevezon’s Motion in Limine No. 7, which seeks the exclusion of bank records contained in the Russian criminal case file. For the reasons stated herein, Prevezon’s motion is denied.Case 1:13-cv-06326-WHP Document 703 Filed 05/09/17 Page 1 of 15
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff, v. PREVEZON HOLDINGS, LTD., et al., Defendants http://www.nysd.uscourts.gov/cases/show.php?db=special&id=542

Excerpt from Press Release regarding key witness in US vs. Prevezon Holdings case, who was thrown from the top floor of his apartment building: “Magnitsky Family Lawyer Thrown off Top Floor Apartment in Moscow, Now in Critical Condition 21 March 2017 – Russian lawyer Nikolai Gorokhov, who represents Sergei Magnitsky’s family, has been thrown from the top floor of his apartment building earlier today and is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Botkin hospital in Moscow with severe head injuries.
Nikolia Gorokhov is a key witness in the US Government’s case against Prevezon Holdings, a Cyprus company owned by Denis Katsyv, son of senior Russian Government official Petr Katsyv. The trial is scheduled to begin in the Federal court in New York on May 15th 2017. The trial is in relation to alleged money laundering by Prevezon of proceeds of US$230 million fraud that Sergei Magnitsky uncovered and was killed for exposing in 2009 at the 
age of 37
” Emphasis our own. Read article here: http://lawandorderinrussia.org/2017/magnitsky-family-lawyer-thrown-out-of-fourth-floor-apartment-in-moscow-now-in-critical-condition/

May 9th Prevezon Ruling http://www.nysd.uscourts.gov/cases/show.php?db=special&id=542


From RFERL: “The most eye-opening particulars of the case, however, aren’t even officially on the docket: an audacious $230 million tax-fraud scheme, allegedly carried out with the complicity of Russian government officials, followed by the posthumous conviction of а whistle-blowing tax auditor and the trial in absentia of a crusading British-American financier.” https://www.rferl.org/a/us-money-laundering-case-russian-corruption-browder-magnitsky-prevezon-katsyv/27494612.html


Trump “was a close partner of Kazakh-born Tevfik Arif, a developer of the Trump SoHo through his company Bayrock, which appeared to be financed by controversial mogul Alexander Mashkevitch, who made billions from businesses in Kazakhstan. But following a series of legal fall-outs, Trump distanced himself from Arif. Meanwhile the two major Bayrock developments – the Trump SoHo in New York and Trump Fort Lauderdale in Florida – ended in foreclosure. In the late 1990s, former economist in the USSR Ministry of Commerce and Trade-turned businessman Tevfik Arif moved between Turkey and the USA, using his access to vast amounts of cash to invest in the New York real estate market…. Trump and Arif had grand plans. They aimed to expand the Trump brand to Moscow, Istanbul, Kiev and Warsaw – possibly even the Crimean resort of Yalta… Trump did not even need to put up cash. All he had to do was to lend out his name… Disaster 1: Trump SoHo stumbles to foreclosure New York City’s Trump SoHo, which is actually just west of SoHo, was planned to be an apartment block. But zoning restrictions and a fierce battle from local campaigners such as the SoHo Alliance, forced him to transform it into a condominium hotel, where buyers stay for part of the year and rent their apartments for the remainder. Arif and Trump’s partners in the project were Tamir Sapir (Temur Sepiashvili from Georgia, now deceased) and his son Alex Sapir, whose Sapir Organization has owned millions of square feet in Manhattan….” Exerpted From TheBlackSea.eu Football Leaks Series: “Donald Trump’s disastrous relationship with the dodgy Kazakh business world” by MICHAEL BIRD / 2016-12-16 Reproduced here along with additional info https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2017/02/22/donald-trumps-disastrous-relationship-with-the-questionable-kazakh-business-world-bayrock-arif-sater-sapir-russia-trump-soho-trump-fort-lauderdale-etc/


Click to access Russia%2C%2003-31-17%2C%20Magnitsky%20Act%20-%202016-%2007-15%20HCM%20Complaint%20to%20FARA%20%28003%29_Redacted.pdf

Lawyer Probing Russian Corruption Says His Balcony Fall Was ‘No Accident’“BY RICHARD ENGEL AND AGGELOS PETROPOULOS NEWS JUL 7 2017, 8:49 PM ET http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/amp/lawyer-probing-russian-corruption-says-his-balcony-fall-was-no-n780416