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Illustration-of-licences.for West Cumbria Mining with additionsjpg.jpg From West Cumbria Mining‘s License Map – with additions from RaFL

Is Cumbria Being Frogmarched into Nuclear AND Coal?

The plan to reopen the  Whitehaven coal mine under the Irish Sea has been rumbling along for a few years with no raised eyebrows. Why are alarm bells not ringing out loud and clear?  This nasty plan will go before Cumbria County Council in May (date tbc)

Most Gaseous, Dangerous Pit in the Kingdom

These are strange, confusing days. There is all round praise being heaped on the plans to reopen Whitehaven coal mine on Cumbrias West Coast, the most gaseous, dangerous pit in the Kingdom. In 1815, Sir Humphrey Davy’s invention of the miner’s safety lamp was first tested in Whitehaven Coking Coal Mine because of its reputation for “firedamp” (methane) and fatal explosions. By 1816 the Davey lamp was in full use in collieries around Great Britain. A…

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