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From Savannah River Site Watch:

Action Alert!  On June 6, 2017, speak up at the Nuclear Material Committee of the SRS Citizens Advisory Board in favor of two recommendations against bringing highly radioactive spent fuel to SRS. 

SRS already has a massive problem with existing nuclear waste and plutonium  – time to Halt Nuclear Waste Imports to SRS!  

SC Governor Henry McMaster stands with us and stated on April 14, 2017 that “I will continue to stand against any action to make South Carolina a dumping ground for nuclear waste.” (see letter posted here http://www.srswatch.org/uploads/2/7/5/8/27584045/oppostion_to_srs_waste_dumping_april_14_2017.pdf )

One recommendation to be discussed on June 6 expresses opposition against commercial US spent fuel storage at SRS –  linked here http://www.srswatch.org/uploads/2/7/5/8/27584045/recommendation_-_interim_storage_of_snf___hlw_rev_1__draft_may_2017.pdf )

The other recommendation is against bringing German spent fuel to SRS (via the port of Charleston) – linked here http://www.srswatch.org/uploads/2/7/5/8/27584045/proposed_recommendation_on_german_snf_draft_may_2017.pdf )

The CAB committee meets on Tuesday June 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Village at Woodside, 230 Village Green Blvd, Suite 220, Aiken, SC 29803. Arrive early.

Can’t Attend?  No problem! Email your comments to SRSCitizensAdvisoryBoard@srs.gov.  CAB website linked here http://www.srs.gov/general/outreach/srs-cab/srs-cab.html

Once the recommendations pass the CAB committee, they will likely go before the full CAB on July 23-23, 2017 in Aiken, SC.  We’ll also need members of the public there to support them.

graphic above: thanks to South Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club” Read original and much more here: http://www.srswatch.org

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