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Not surprising that French Pres. candidate Le Pen doesn’t know Russian history, as some of the French with her level of education (DEA) don’t know French history. Crimea hasn’t always been Russian! But, the French President is responsible for French foreign policy and defense. Russia closed the bank which lent her 9 million euros ($), and the loan has apparently been called back, though the details are murky (read Mediapart). The Le Pen family has maintained Russian ties for at least 20 years. In short, if Le Pen is elected Putin will own the major nuclear states – US, France and UK, since UK shares its nuclear weapons with the US, and France owns UK nuclear power stations.

Mining Awareness +

Vladimir Putin, who appears to fancy himself as some nationalist reincarnation of Vladimir Lenin mit Vladimir of Kiev wants to turn back the hands of time, to a moment in time, where an Imperial Russian state of Viking origin conquered the region, seemingly so that he can plunder the Ukraine’s wealth, with Westminster-London based BP’s help. BP owns 19.75% of mostly Russian State-owned oil and gas company Rosneft.

But, the Ukraine has a much older history, and any way you turn it around, it did not, and does not, belong to the Russian Vikings at the root of the Russian state. Neither did most of modern-day Russia belong to the Russian Vikings – rather it is a result of historically very late territorial conquest. This territorial conquest provides the basis for Russia’s exploitive, polluting, resource-extraction based economy.

Greater Scythia: Ukraine-Crimea ca 100-50 BC

Scythia, Sarmatia, Bactria and the Parthian Empire in ca.100-50 BC By Dbachmann, CC-BY-SA-3.0.
Scythia, Sarmatia, Bactria and the Parthian…

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