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Norwegian NGO Bellona reports:
Another Russian non-profit tarred as a foreign agent for little more than existing. In a continuing crusade against environmental groups, Russia’s Justice Ministry on Thursday named the Murmansk area Kola Ecological Center as its 158th ‘foreign agent,’posing the threat of fines and closure to the organization.” Published on April 21, 2017 by Anna Kireeva, Charles Digges

Excerpted from the article:
The group didn’t receive any foreign grants in 2016, so after a planned audit, the ministry decided instead to target the organization’s activities for the previous year, during which it received some cash from abroad, its former director, Yury Ivanov, told Bellona… the group offered up a critique of plans by officials at the Kola Nuclear Power Plant, which is also in the Murmansk Region, to extend the run time of its elderly number 4 reactor to 2044, for a total of 60 years.

That’s when the Justice Ministry decided the group had gone too far. It said the group was conducting political activity, and slapped it on the foreign agent list. Specifically, it accused the group of ‘expanding participation in the decision-making process relative to taking an atomic station out of service’…

Twice in 2016, when it wasn’t receiving any foreign funding, the group participated in public hearings at the Kola Nuclear Power Plant, which were part of an official government environmental impact assessment on the reactor extensions” (Emphasis our own.) Read the article here: http://bellona.org/news/russian-human-rights-issues/russian-ngo-law/2017-04-another-russian-non-profit-tarred-as-a-foreign-agent-for-little-more-than-existing

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