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While it’s not what the US NRC appears to have in mind when discussing GNF-A’s performance review, it’s been within the last year that GNF-A made a deal to import TVEL nuclear fuels, a Rosatom subsidiary. Rosatom is 100% Russian government owned and answers to President Putin. They even want to keep the material of the TVEL fuel rods secret, whereas it impacts on nuclear safety and storage of nuclear waste. Experimental nuclear fuel in aging nuclear reactors in the middle of America – Illinois. An act of commerce or an act of war? The US and Russia don’t even have extradition treaties to put criminals on trial. Shouldn’t they get that first? Questions are allowed at the end. So, if you would like to start pestering the US NRC and/or GNF-A on why they want to use Russian nuclear fuel in US reactors at all, and especially with an exemption, it’s your chance. Global Nuclear Fuels (GNF) is owned by GE, Hitachi and Toshiba. Toshiba appears to be getting out of the nuclear business by passing its business to Russia, starting with US nuclear fuel business. Expect GE and Hitachi to follow suit, if they aren’t stopped.

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To discuss GNF-A’s performance
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Region II
245 Peachtree Center Avenue
Atlanta GA

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Thomas Vukovinsky

Myla Ruffin

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Tom Vukovinsky, NRC Staff
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Scott Murray, Global Nuclear Fuels – Americas
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