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The Russian nuclear giant, Atomstroyexport, has been clearly unwilling to abide by the Indian liability law which has a clause on suppliers liability in case of an accident. What does it say on their claims of safety?“(From the interview with Vladimir Slivyak by Dianuke). Atomsroyexport is majority owned by Rosatom, and minority owned by Gazprombank Group. All are Russian State owned. The US, Japan, Romania, Morocco, Argentina and the UAE have also agreed to protect suppliers from being sued through the “Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage.” (See: http://state.gov/md5951.htm) There continue to be suppliers, even after construction (e.g. nuclear fuel).

From Dianuke.org:
JAN 9 2015
Reactors from Russia are unsafe and unreliable, India shouldn’t buy them: Russian environmentalist Vladimir Slivyak

DiaNuke.org interviewed the eminent environmentalist Vladimir Slivyak whose group EcoDefense has been facing repression in Russia for exposing the lack of nuclear safety and…

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