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If we were going to see this at the casino we should have stayed at the camp. We should have stayed at the camp” (M.A.E. Kurthland).

Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland peacefully evacuated one of the No Dakota Access Pipeline camps to stay at the Standing Rock Prairie Knights Casino Hotel, so as not to see the police brutality at the camps. Then the police taser his friend and relative – a Native American Veteran- in the casino hotel for no reason. The man had his hands up as is clear in these screenshots and even more clear in the videos: http://youtu.be/OtCTFKHiwA4
As can be seen the man has his hands up:
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland Video Standing Rock Casino American Indian hands up
The police then grabbed his hand which was up, apparently trying to twist it to hand-cuff him:
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland  video Standing Rock Casino man grabs American Indian with hands up by arm
The police continues to twist his arm:
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland Video Standing Rock Casino American Indian police grab arm B
Then suddenly out of the blue another police tasered him with no notice and clearly for no reason!
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland  video Standing Rock Casino American Indian Tasered by police for no reason
The tasered man screams and falls to the chair, his ribs apparently injured:
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland  video Standing Rock Casino Tasered American Indian falls to chair
The Police then throw him to the ground and arrest him:
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland  video of Standing Rock Casino Taser Arrest
Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland video link via Silence = Death channel: http://youtu.be/OtCTFKHiwA4
Link to another short video of the man being tasered from another angle: http://youtu.be/YEq2znkBFdM

What happened at the end of the video? Was it turned off or did the police jump Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland? Kurthland has American Indian roots, as explained in the livestream. The Facebook page says “Still here being harassed“. Madrigal-Alcaraz Enrique Kurthland Facebook: https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154407120307532&id=573077531

According to Unicorn Riot news, Park Rangers and BIA (Bureau of [American] Indian Affairs) forced people from their hotel rooms in the casino! This could be one reason the man was slow and looked confused-perhaps he had been asleep in his room and forced out to the lobby – as well as failing to comprehend how he could be under arrest when he had apparently done nothing. He held his hands up, but didn’t put them behind his back to be hand-cuffed as he had apparently committed no crime. Then, he was suddenly tasered with no warning.

Unicorn Riot video – our notes:
At ca 44 min explains that a Unicorn Riot reporter was present when Park Rangers and BIA agents forced people from their rooms in the Standing Rock casino.

At ca 56 min BIA police arrive to remove Rosebud encampment on the Standing reservation side, right after people were chased from the Federal Army Corps side of the river (by a contingent of police from all over North Dakota, as well as from Wisconsin). The reporter points out that this is the evening after reporters had been harrassed by BIA agents in the casino. (Earlier in the video the police had removed the safety bridge across the frozen river, so that people (and police) risked falling into the river).

ca 1h10 min discusses Casino security trying to make journalists delete footage.
Video CC-BY-NC: https://livestream.com/unicornriot/events/7046185/videos/150255396

The police who tasered the man and most of the others look like they are probably BIA-OJS SPECIAL AGENTS.

Harald Frazier, Chair Cheyenne Sioux Tribe interview at 1h25 min on the Unicorn Riot video- our notes:
Time to get rid of the BIA
New Cheyenne River Camp now set up on private land.

Harald Frazier observes that he always thought that as an American Indian person he had no Civil Rights, but lately everyone has no Civil Rights, with government (especially states) stepping on First Amendment Rights of all Americans

Oceti Sakowin camp was on Federal (Army Corps land, unceded by the Tribes and theirs under the Fort Laramie Treaties (1851, 1868). Across the River is the Rosebud Camp on the Standing Rock Reservation, which BIA came in to empty. Sacred Stone Camp should be allowed to stay until at least next week.
Video, CC-BY-NC: https://livestream.com/unicornriot/events/7046185/videos/150255396
In the immortal words of the late Russell Means: “Welcome to the Reservation”.


According to the BIA:
There are more than 567 registered Native American Tribes within the boundaries of the United States of America. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Office of Justice Services (OJS), provides police, investigative, corrections, technical assistance, and court services across this broad expanse of Indian Country
BIA Police are responsible for maintaining law and order within Indian Country by patrolling Indian reservations, enforcing tribal laws, and making arrests.  Officers respond to reports of misdemeanor crimes, felony crimes and suspicious activities received from the public. They are responsible for completing investigations, preparing reports and forwarding their reports to Federal, Tribal or State prosecutors.  Officers are required to testify in tribal, Federal and state courts (if subpoenaed).  Officers also work with tribal communities, schools and tribal programs to provide a safer environment. BIA-OJS respond to emergency situations involving natural and man-made situations.
Bureau of Indian Affairs BIA Special Agent
BIA SA’s investigate Federal crimes in Indian Country.  This requires working closely with Tribal, Federal and State Law Enforcement on criminal cases.  Agents  investigate tribal and Federal crimes throughout Indian Country. They are responsible for processing crime scenes, conducting interviews, evidence handling, preparing search/arrest warrants, apprehension and arrest of suspects, serving warrants.   Agents prepare case reports which are forwarded to Assistant United States Attorney’s office for review of Federal charges, assist with trial preparation, and testify in the court of jurisdiction.  Agents may also work on task force teams to assist other agencies to combat crime.  Agents are trained through the Criminal Investigation Training Program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA., and participate in annual specialized law enforcement and investigative training
.” https://bia.gov/WhoWeAre/BIA/OJS/ojs-careers/index.htm