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Last November the Guardian raised the following issue: “Who is Jared Kushner? Trump’s son-in-law at center of transition team drama The businessman could be behind oustings of Chris Christie and two other senior team members, as he positions himself to influence Trump’s administration
https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/16/jared-kushner-ivanka-trump-transition-team-chris-christie. At the very bottom of the above article is mentioned the hidden hand of Kissinger: Jared Kushner “contacts already include Henry Kissinger…

While it seems natural that Jared Kushner wouldn’t want to work with the man who put his father in jail, and we were happy to see Christie go, the appearance of vindictiveness is alarming, especially given the apparent vindictive nature of his father Charles. Furthermore, for public service, loyalty to country needs to come before family loyalty. It also remains perplexing why Trump would need the help of Jared since he is also in real estate, but half the age of President elect Trump. At least Kushner will be openly whispering in Trump’s ear and not secretively, though we still wonder if someone is using Trump’s twitter account.

Please save the DOJ and FEC links below and use them to monitor the state of US democracy and the amount of power held by Jared Kushner. If they disappear then people really need to be alarmed.

From the US DOJ:
03-04-05 — Kushner, Charles — Sentencing — News Release
Political Contributor and Developer Charles Kushner Sentenced to Maximum 24 Months for Witness Retaliation and Other Crimes
NEWARK – Real estate developer and political contributor Charles Kushner was sentenced today to 24 months in prison for his pleas of guilty to assisting in the filing of false tax returns, retaliating against a cooperating witness and making false statements to the Federal Election Commission, U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie announced.

Calling Kushner’s crime “disgraceful and reprehensible,” U.S. District Judge Jose L. Linares sentenced Kushner to the top of the eligible range – 18 to 24 months – under the his plea agreement with the government.

“The court of law was the great equalizer for Mr. Kushner, who had obviously convinced himself that his power, influence and immense wealth put him above the law,” Christie said. “We are very pleased that justice was done.”

Judge Linares ordered Kushner, 50, of Livingston, to surrender to the federal Bureau of Prisons by May 9 to begin serving his sentence. Judge Linares also fined Kushner $40,000, the maximum amount as determined under U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.

On Aug. 18, Kushner pleaded guilty to 16 counts of assisting in the filing of false tax returns, one count of retaliating against a cooperating witness and one count of making false statements to the FEC.

Kushner admitted then that, as chairman of Kushner Companies, he assisted in filing false tax returns claiming over $1 million in partnership charitable contributions as office expenses, causing losses to the IRS of between $200,000 and $325,000.

Kushner further admitted at his plea hearing that he devised a scheme to retaliate against a cooperating witness – his sister – and her husband by having a prostitute seduce the husband and covertly filming them having sex. Kushner admitted that he paid a private investigator $25,000 to arrange for the seduction and videotaping of the cooperating witness’ husband. Kushner admitted to personally recruiting the prostitute and instructing that the videotape be mailed to the cooperating witness.

Kushner also admitted to making false statements to the Federal Election Commission which allocated campaign contributions to certain individuals who had no knowledge that contributions were being made in their names and had not consented to him making the contributions.

Christie credited Special Agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Joseph Billy, Jr.; and Special Agents of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation section, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Patricia J. Haynes.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Scott Resnik and Thomas Eicher of the Special Prosecutions Division.
– end –
Defense Counsel:
Benjamin Brafman, Esq. New York, NY
Alfred DeCotiis, Esq. Teaneck, NJ
Jeffrey Smith, Esq. Teaneck, NJ

Jared is listed here but it is unclear if his name was used in campaign donations without his consent or he was involved: http://www.fec.gov/press/press2004/20040630murs.html

Based on diverse internet sources, which may or may not be accurate: Jared Kushner grandparent’s on his father Charle’s side were Holocaust survivors Joseph Berkowitz (changed name to wife’s name of Kushner) and Reichel “Rae” Kushner (b. 1923). Joseph was born in Poland or Belarus (then Poland, now Belarus?) to Moshe Berkowitz and Chana Slonimski. Reichel was born in Novogrudok Poland, now Navahrudak, Hrodna Province, Belarus to Naum or Nashum and Hinda Kushner.

Considering that family is so important to them, everyone needs to ask themselves how the experiences of the grandparents impacted Jared’s views of Poland, Belarus, Russia, Germany and even the Ukraine, since on Jared’s mother’s side, his great-grandfather was reportedly born in the Ukraine. The horrific experiences of the Holocaust could impact individuals, and their offspring in various ways – not necessarily even known and recognized by themselves. Given the tense circumstances this is potentially alarming. And, Henry Kissinger has been playing a strange game between Russia and Poland, of late. Neither should be anywhere near this dossier, and yet they are. What impact do Trump’s Czech and Yugoslave (now Slovenia) born wives have on his view of the region?

Henry Kissinger’s real name is Loeb. Thus, he may be kin to the Loeb banking family which was tied into Lehman brothers. He and his family got out of Germany early enough – in 1938: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Kissinger

Jared Kushner (along with his siblings) sits on the board of the Charles and Seryl Kushner foundation. Though the bulk of the foundation’s donations in Israel were made to medical centers and hospitals, it made a number of donations to settlement organizations“. http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/12/12/1608258/-Kushner-family-foundation-made-tax-exempt-contributions-to-settlement-organizations

Political Contributor and Developer Charles Kushner Sentenced to Maximum 24 Months for Witness Retaliation and Other Crimes DOJ
FEC gov penalty Charles Kushner
FEC penalty Charles Kushner Jared listed as respondent