Radiation Free Lakeland took the Stop Moorside message to the beautiful setting of the Wasdale Show yesterday.

At our stall, well stocked with information, a quiz and friendly faces, people stopped to chat and sign the Stop Moorside petition which now is nearing 11,ooo signatures.  Of all the people we spoke to NOT ONE said they were in favour of new nuclear build next to Sellafield.

This is remarkable given that this area is being bigged up as a “Nuclear Heartland” by Tom Samson the Chief Executive of Nugen (60% Toshiba and 40% Engie).

The heart of Cumbria is alive and well no thanks to the heart tissue destroying Strontium emissions from the nuclear industry.  Tissue damage is one of the cocktail of listed diseases on the Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases for nuclear workers (those outside the gates have no CSRLD  ..   info on health impacts on this

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