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The oil industry was behind destruction of French in Louisiana in the 1920s. They wanted workers to speak English.


Hitachi Try to Stop the Welsh Language
Our friends in Wales tell us that Hitachi who are angling to build a new nuclear plant in Anglesey want to ban the Welsh Language!  Why is that?  Are all the instructions for the unwanted nuclear plant in Japanese?  Hitachi and Toshiba are desperate it seems to sell their nuclear wares outside of Japan but is anyone buying?  Who in their right mind would want these volatile cancer factories on their doorstep?
“Come along to Penrhyn Hall, Gwynedd Road, Bangor on Tuesday, September 6, 9.30 and all day … Come to Neuadd Penryn, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, Tuesday, 6 September, 9.30 and during the day to stop Horizon deleting the language clause!”
“As many people as possible are needed to come to the Penrhyn Hall, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, opposite the main bus stops on Tuesday morning September before 9.30 to a meeting where Welsh government inspectors will be considering the linguistic…

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