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Drilling Rigs and Herdwick, Farm Cottage Left to Rot, Footpaths Trashed Drilling Rigs and Herdwick at “Moorside’ – Farm Cottage left to rot, Footpaths trashed – all this and much more for the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” and the nuclear taboo continues……

Letter sent today ….

Dear Lord Bragg,


When I heard your voice on the radio talking about the “disgraceful purchase of land, shameful manoeuvring, bullying mafia tactics” I thought Hurrah! Melvyn has read all our many letters to him and is at last holding the nuclear industry to account!   It was disappointing to hear that your ire was directed only at the National Trust. The nuclear industry’s land grab is far less benign. They have not only purchased several farms but also sites of important wildlife and historical importance and plan to turn these into another nuclear sacrifice zone, just as the farming hamlet of Sellafield was. No one remembers the “Yeomen of Sellafield”…

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