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Cameco Crow Butte ISL Nebraska
Cameco Crow Butte ISL Uranium mine in Nebraska

Health Physics is a Cold War euphemism. The name is meant to convey nothing, though it sounds frighteningly like Phys Ed (sports, gym, exercise): “Raymond Finkle, a Health Division employee during this time frame. ‘The coinage at first merely denoted the physics section of the Health Division… the name also served security: ‘radiation protection’ might arouse unwelcome interest; ‘health physics’ conveyed nothing.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_physics

Early Health Physics Radiation Hazard sign ORNL
Early Health Physics Radiation Hazard sign ORNL (Oak Ridge National (Nuclear) Lab)

In Situ Recovery (ISR) is the industry euphemism for In Situ Leach (ISL) uranium mining. A September 7th teleconference is To address various health physics issues, the specifics to be determined by the uranium recovery industry“… Participants: Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards External Cameco Resources” (As Cameco is the only participant mentioned, we conclude that they are the “uranium recovery industry” who is to determine the “specifics”, which the document says is NONE. No radiation protection? Is that the “none”?)

Cameco ISL Teleconference: 9/07/16 1:30PM – 5:30PM
Check out the Agenda! It is page 2 of the “Related Documents” ML16216A260 for the teleconference! It really says NONE!
ML16216A260 ISL Rad Protection Meeting Sept. 7th p. 2
Other 2 pages of “Related Documents
ML16216A260 – 09/07/2016 Uranium Recovery Health Physics Topics

ML16216A260 ISL Rad Protection Meeting Sept. 7th, p. 1
ML16216A260 ISL Rad Protection Meeting Sept. 7th, p. 3
ML16216A260 Yellow and red emphasis added. We archived the original this strange document: https://web.archive.org/web/20160831182105/http://adamswebsearch2.nrc.gov/webSearch2/view?AccessionNumber=ML16216A260

The US NRC is apparently unaware that there are single portable hand-held devices which test for alpha, beta and gamma. Pre-Fukushima they were cheap too and around the size of sun glasses.
Camp NRC saying no portable Meters for alpha, beta, gamma
NRC Region IV Uranium Recovery Program: Overview of NRC Region IV Inspection Program

Click to access ML11227A232.pdf

Just a few damning things about Canadian Miner Cameco: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/canadas-cameco-uranium-doesnt-want-to-clean-up-us-water-theyve-polluted-cameco-deeply-concerned-about-cost-of-water-restoration-despite-billions-in-revenue/

From the “Father of Health Physics”, Dr. Morgan’s, interview:
This attitude [for radiation safety] did not prevail, apparently, at some other places. Certainly it did not at Three Mile Island. Since I left the faculty at Georgia Tech, I’ve testified in over a hundred-fifty cases, trying to help people that have allegedly been injured by radiation. We won the Karen Silkwood case and Crumbeck case, and I was a sole witness [for the plaintiff when] we won in the Three Mile Island class-action suit.

But in most other cases, the AEC and DOE [have] called—[what was] then the Department of Justice [(DOJ)]; let me call it the “Department of Injustice” [to make false claims about radiation exposure] under some of the people there. They [(the DOJ employees)] actually bragged about the fact that they set up courses to train health physicists and lawyers on how to keep injured parties, injured from radiation, from getting any benefits! One of these was even held in Washington. I didn’t attend it, but I can point to some people that attended the lecture that [Don] Jose from the Justice Department gave. Imagine: the Department of Justice—which is supposed, according to our Constitution, to provide justice to the citizen—training lawyers and health physicists how to cheat the public! How to allow people to be used as guinea pigs rather than be a hindrance to some nuclear or military program! Read more here: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/01/30/advice-of-father-of-health-physics-for-disposing-of-tritium-safely-rebuffed-by-us-nrc-dr-k-z-morgan-interview-dc-philadelphia-baltimore-treated-as-guinea-pigs/

The meeting notice information is circular. It refers to the document ML16216A260 which says NONE!
NRC Rad Protection Teleconference 7 Sept. 2016  meeting notice