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[ For those who need context as to why Dana needed to be at the courthouse: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/no-free-speech-in-canada-professor-with-nuclear-uranium-mining-govt-ties-has-disabled-man-arrested-and-put-in-jail ]

This ConnectingDots2 character is clearly guilty of the stalking of a physically disabled man, Dana Durnford, and of the very criminal harassment that he announces in an August 15th video that he will accuse Dana of. If ConnectingDots2 were truly fearful then he would have gone to the courthouse when Dana and Dana’s supporters weren’t there. Instead ConnectingDots2 posts a video of his waiting for Dana to appear at the courthouse. Due to apparent sabatoge of his vehicle, Dana didn’t make it. ConnectingDots2 seems to also be known as ConnectingDots1 or ConnectingDots and Silver Gold Man.

We don’t know the face of ConnectingDots2 or even his name from his video – only that he’s an apparently immature and bored stalker and mining advocate that thinks that his mean-spirited ways are funny. Genesis 6:5 had ConnectingDots2 and his ilk in mind when it said: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

What do “Silver Gold Man Connectingdots2 Silver Gold Economy & Stocks That Rock !!http://web.archive.org/web/20160816055156/http://connectingdots1.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2110 http://web.archive.org/web/20150719225353/http://connectingdots1.com/index.php? and TEPCO’s Fukushima disaster have in common? Not hard to Connect the Dots on that one: Mining, of course. Large Canadian miner CAMECO, Areva, and TEPCO co-own Cigar Lake Uranium Mine in Canada: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cigar_Lake_Mine And, news that nuclear is bad for you and that the Fukushima disaster is ongoing – which even TEPCO doesn’t deny – is bad news for uranium mining companies-their investors which thrive on speculation. So it is a no-brainer as to why ConnectingDots1 aka ConnectingDots2 is stalking and intimidating Dana Durnford.

This is apparently not the first time he has stalked Dana. Dana reports ConnectingDots2 as snooping around Dana’s neighborhood and in the new video ConnectingDots2 complains that Dana published his face online! So ConnectingDots2 basically admits that this is a picture of him snooping around Dana’s home or neighborhood. He doesn’t look very fearful of Dana Durnford, now does he? Rather, he looks like a stalker.
ConnectingDots2 Stalking Dana
ConnectingDots2 stalking Dana II
See Dana’s vid here: http://youtu.be/Pr9K93_scKU

Some miners-mining speculators are involved with both uranium and gold – perhaps because they are both so subject to wild speculative swings upon which mega-profits can be made by some, while others get fleeced. Indeed, the nasty geologist who brought us into this fight, because we were curious about his nastiness, wrote a masters thesis on uranium mining and a Ph.D. diss on gold mining (or vice versa). In his case he seems to have started a degree during the boom and graduated during the bust.

Canada is also well-known for its penny stock fleeces, which are able to continue because the standards of proof there are lower than in the United States. Canada acts as a back-door into the US, which is how the Russian government ended up owning uranium mines in the USA.

By his own admission clearly bored mining advocate “ConnectingDots2” was out hunting Dana Durnford at the BC (Canada) Courthouse before Dana was even due! Who has time for that? Clearly this guy doesn’t work! Not only did he go hunting for Dana but he arrived early! He states that it’s 9.25 am and Dana’s to be seen at 9.30 and wasn’t there yet. It is important to recall that Dana is physically disabled. This article explains Dana Durnford’s diving accident and the pain involved in getting from bed to wheelchair to work on the internet, and the subsequent fatigue: “Dana Durnford Fights to give Indie Artists a Chance on Youtube“, by Jef Rouner, Thurs, Sept. 2, 2010. http://web.archive.org/web/20160816031345/http://www.houstonpress.com/music/dana-durnford-fights-to-give-indie-artists-a-chance-on-youtube-6776128

If anyone doubted that Dana’s is being dragged into court and harassed, this “ConnectingDots2” video, posted on August 15, 2016, provides clear evidence. In short, ConnectingDots2 incriminates himself: http://youtu.be/tiK92t7vtH0 ConnectingDots2 comment regarding Dana’s car troubles appears as a menacing tacit threat, as does his stalking of Dana at the courthouse and in youtube comments. Notice, as well, that in a comment reply ConnectingDots2 criticizes Dana for removing the tacit threat which ConnectingDots2 admits to having made to Dana, while ConnectingDots2 hypocritically aspires to removing Dana from youtube!
Connecting Dots comment on Dana accident-stalking Dana in Court
How did ConnectingDots2 know prior to 5 pm Monday, Pacific Time, HOW Dana’s car had been sabotaged, when it doesn’t appear to have been public knowledge until Dana discussed it on the Rense show at ca 8 or 9 pm Pacific the same evening? Either by stalking in Dana’s comment section or because he did it. The clock is on Pacific Time so the posting hours can be compared. Clock is at 5 am Pacific and 12 hours earlier was 5 pm Pacific.
Dana vehicle sabotage
In case ConnectingDots2 decides to remove this incriminating video, rest assured that we have retained a copy, along with screen shots, as evidence. We ask for others who know how to do the same. Furthermore, if ConnectingDots2 really filed a complaint on Monday that will provide damning evidence that he was stalking Dana on Dana’s court day. [ConnectingDots put a second twin vid here 3 hrs ago at ca 9 pm UTC without his comment: http://youtu.be/t9RWP9pbFYc ]

This clearly bored and ridiculous “Connecting Dots2” was out hunting Dana Durnford at the court house on Monday by 9:25 am, over 5 minutes before Dana was even due to be there. While waiting he announced that he would put another SLAPP suit against Dana, i.e. he mentions 264. Connecting Dots2 appears a very silly personage. He shows up hunting Dana Durnford because he fears for his safety?

Who should fear for their safety? The apparently able-bodied stalker, Connecting Dots2, or the physically disabled stalked, Dana Durnford. You can tell from ConnectingDots2 voice that he’s not frightened a bit and thinks it very funny in his own sick juvenile delinquent way. You can tell from the picture of him apparently stalking Dana in Dana’s neighborhood, that he’s not afraid. ConnectingDots2 is clearly a childish anti-social personality – a juvenile delinquent who never grew up. He’s the sort of blase soulless personage found in too many high schools for too many decades that makes so many good teachers quit or commit suicide. Is this what happens when they are finally forced to leave high school and dumped upon the world?

What does law 264 say? Recall that ConnectingDots2 is stalking Dana in person and stalking-communicating with him on youtube, even under pseudonyms. ConnectingDots2 admits it in his video and comment! Furthermore, ConnectingDots2 has no “reasonable” reason to fear Dana, since Dana is disabled. However, Dana, who is disabled, has reasonable reason to fear the stalking by ConnectingDots2. We conclude that ConnectingDots2 should be sent to jail for 10 years.
264 (1) No person shall, without lawful authority and knowing that another person is harassed or recklessly as to whether the other person is harassed, engage in conduct referred to in subsection (2) that causes that other person reasonably, in all the circumstances, to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them.
 Prohibited conduct
(2) The conduct mentioned in subsection (1) consists of
(a) repeatedly following from place to place the other person or anyone known to them;
(b) repeatedly communicating with, either directly or indirectly, the other person or anyone known to them;
(c) besetting or watching the dwelling-house, or place where the other person, or anyone known to them, resides, works, carries on business or happens to be; or
 (d) engaging in threatening conduct directed at the other person or any member of their family.
http://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/C-46/section-264.html The above clearly describes the behavior of ConnectingDots2.

This ConnectingDots character is clearly guilty of stalking and the very criminal harassment that he announced on Monday that he will accuse Dana of. If Connecting Dots was fearful then he would have gone to the courthouse when Dana wasn’t there. Dana’s face is known. The face of ConnectingDots (2) is unknown – not found in his video. However, ConnectingDots (2) claims in his (CD) video that the pig-snouted image presented by Dana in Dana’s last video is indeed him (CD). Can anyone really be that ugly? It’s not like we have his address, except he will surely be stalking Dana at the courthouse again when Dana is forced to go back, end of September. And, we are to believe that he is stalking Dana because he is fearful of Dana? Dana and another youtuber think that ConnectingDots2 is named Louis Lamoureux (i.e. Louis Gigolo in modern parlance). Uranium lover doll? Someone with this name works at Agnico Eagle Mines Limited as a Heavy Equipment Operator. However, that guy has a day job and doesn’t have a pig snout. So it doesn’t seem to be him. This ConnectingDots2 clearly does NOT have a day job and appears to work directly or indirectly for the penny stock industry or have some vested interest in it. The pig-snouted person shown by Dana also has bushy eyebrows.

In his youtube video, Connecting Dots (2) threatens Dana with more frivolous legal action, while laughing at Dana’s car troubles, while brutalizing the English language to add a little something extra.

No surprises that an advocate of the mining industry would want to stop Dana’s free speech. Somehow Canada didn’t inherit the concept of free speech and democracy from Britain, like the US did. Maybe they have had too many French Prime Ministers who shared France’s allergy to free speech. The real extractive industries and penny stock miners who only extract people’s hard-earned money play too great a role in the Canadian economy and have spoilt the country.

Unlike Jay Cullen of U. Vic. and Ken Buesseler of WHOI, who appear to be truly wussy timid people, this ConnectingtheDots character who has just threatened to sue Dana under section 264 sounds totally unfazed and laid back. He’s got the arrogance of a bored immature teen. And, apparently nothing to do but go hang out at the court house looking for Dana and even arrive early! At least he was good enough to provide documentation that Dana was to be in court on Monday.

Of course, why shouldn’t ConnectingDots2 be kicked back? Not only can no one be certain of who he is, but subsequent to a diving accident Dana Durnford couldn’t physically hurt a fly. And, if the truth about the environmental dangers of the nuclear industry hurts the mining industry and the penny stock fleecers then so much the better. For the record, it is thought that he is Louis Lamoureux and there are two listed with apparent ties to the mining industry. However, since one actually works in gold mining with heavy equipment and the other is probably located in Quebec, it appears doubtful that this would be them, because this guy has nothing in the world to do but show up at the court house to hunt for Dana – bizarre indeed.
The stalking and hunting of Dana Durnford by ConnectingDots.
Ironically “ConnectingDots” has just provided the best advertisement possible for donating to Dana Durnford: https://www.paypal.me/danadurnford

Proctology: “a branch of medicine dealing with the structure and diseases of the anus, rectum, and sigmoid colon. (Merriam Webster) In short, diseases of the ass-hole (i.e. arse-hole). So, a proctologist investigates ass-holes (i.e. arse-holes).

Large Whale unusual mortality event spreads to British Columbia according to the US govt, NOAA: http://web.archive.org/web/20160405210823/http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/health/mmume/faqs_2015_large_whale.html No one in government or the mainstream media challenges the many unusual mortality events which have plagued the Pacific coast of North America. The reasons for most of the post-Fukushima unusual mortality events (UME) are usually listed as unknown by the US government (NMFS-NOAA).